What I Bought: Handcrafted Stuff from Jesselton Artisan Market (Kota Kinabalu, Sabah)

Jesselton Artisan Market (JAM)

I was back in my hometown last weekend, so I decided to visit Jesselton Artisan Market (JAM) with my friend. What is Jesselton Artisan Market (JAM), anyway? JAM is a cool monthly-basis market which features more than 40 talented artisans from around the State (and some from other parts of Malaysia, too!). Read more to find out about what I bought from the recently held JAM.

Jesselton Artisan Market (JAM)
Only at Jesselton Artisan Market (JAM)

JAM is a curated showcase of Kota Kinabalu’s skilled artisans and their creations. From decorative arts, jewellery, furniture, clothing, food items to eye-catching handmade creations of Kota Kinabalu’s unique and whimsical artisanal goods. The objective is to showcase local artisans’ artworks to the public. In return, this offers the opportunity for the artisans to showcase their talents and make earnings from it.

Jesselton Artisan Market (JAM)
Handpainted by Jean Lynn (www.instagram.com/jlynnppg)

JAM is a monthly event which usually held on Saturday and Sunday. It opens from 10:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. at Riverson – The Walk. This brings a fresh wave of change to Kota Kinabalu. Don’t worry, you can also find scrumptious foods and great drinks at JAM!

Since I was in hurry as I did not have much time to stroll around the entire JAM, I only bought some earrings for my bestie in the office, and for myself (of course lah bah). The cute tote bag really caught my attention! Here are some photos of the stuff which I bought during the recently held JAM.

Jesselton Artisan Market (JAM)
Handmade by Ogingo Art (www.instagram.com/ogingoart)
Jesselton Artisan Market (JAM)
Handmade by Sincher Beads Collection (www.instagram.com/sincherbeadscollection)

For More Details:
Jesselton Artisan Market (JAM)
Facebook – www.facebook.com/jesseltonartisanmarket
Instagram – www.instagram.com/jesseltonartisanmarket

Sincher Beads Collection
Instagram – www.instagram.com/sincherbeadscollection

Ogingo Art
Facebook – www.facebook.com/OgingoArt
Instagram – www.instagram.com/ogingoart

Kertas Papel
Facebook – www.facebook.com/kertaspapel
Instagram – www.instagram.com/kertaspapel

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