My Perspective: Khai Puma Jamal – Singing My Line

Happy Thursday, people! I’m going to be a bit busy today as I need to sort things off before weekend. My friend dropped me a message about his latest single. According to him, the song is actually dedicated to his friends who have passed away not long ago. This song is quite melancholic as the lyrics is referring to the suffering having to miss someone so badly.

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Review: Swissvita Skin Lab’s Micrite 3D All Use Anti-Spot Serum

Swissvita Skincare

The older I get the more spots I have noticed popping up on my face. I usually bought serum or creams that said to diminish the appearance of dark spots but I had not find one that can give the exact result that I was looking for. I nearly gave up until I was sent a package of Swissvita products. Yes. I was skeptical about this brand especially when their packaging looked like the famous Mopiko ointment. I applied it onto my skin twice a day – morning and evening, for 14 days, and finally I decided to share experience about this product in today’s post. Read more

Review: Swissvita Skin Lab’s Micrite 3D All Use Whitening Serum

3D All Use Whitening Serum

Whenever you get rid with your acne problems in the past, there is a high potential that you will have ugly marks out from it. To be frank enough, I am just like the rest of you, I have combination skin which is prone to breakouts. I am very fussy when it comes to skincare as I don’t simply buy skincare products because of their affordability, or ‘proven to be effective’ statement. In fact, I would search for some reviews on the Internet before buying it. However, I recently received a package of Swissvita products in which I have looked over the Internet to have positive reviews. Still, I would love to write my personal honest experience when using this Swissvita product.  Read more

Review: Swissvita Skin Lab’s Mandelic Acid Perfect Ratio Complex Serum

Swissvita Skincare
Are you looking for anti-aging ingredient that works well to accelerate the cell turnover and removes dead skin at the same time? You might be want to try mandelic acid which is known as Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA), derived from bitter almonds. It has known to have a number of benefits to the skin. The product that I tried recently was sent to me a few weeks ago, and as today’s post is going to be a review on the product which I’ve tried for 14 days.

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Review: Synergie Skin Practitioner Priority-B Essential Niacinamide Serum

Have you checked the formulations listed on your serum label lately? Frankly speaking, most of the serum ingredients on the market today (especially those that promise to reduce the appearance of your fine lines and wrinkles) are added with silicone which is often referred as Dimethicone. This silicone will smooth and fill the surface of your skin to make your skin appears younger with less fine lines and wrinkles. Ya, wrinkles atau fine lines yang kita bilang ‘kedutan’ atau ‘kurudot’ sana muka tu. Yang bikin kita nampak tua dari umur sebenar kita. Just like what you saw on the title, today’s posting is all about Synergie Skin Practitioner Priority-B Essential Niacinamide Serum in which I have received last month and tested on my skin for the past 14 days. Here’s my personal experience about this product, and some information that you might need to know about Dimethicone and Niacinamide. Read more

Review: MenstruHeat Non-Medicated Menstrual Cramp Relief


Menstrual cramps are considered normal among women because all menstrual cycles involves the release of prostaglandin (PG) and uterine muscles contractions. Depending on the PG released, some women may experience with dysmenorrhea (bad cramps). Menstrual cramps are caused by several reasons which include low estrogen level, and low intake of magnesium. There are tons of treatments for menstrual cramps such as hot ginger tea, drinking a cup of hot garlic tea, or even take medicine to relieve the cramps. However, there is another solution in which you need not to consume.  Read more