Klairs Supple Preparation Facial TonerBeauty, Products, Reviews, Where To Buy

Beauty: How I Treat My Acnes with Klairs Supple Preparation Facial Toner

I have been a fan of Klairs brand after trying out their Rich Moist Soothing Mask, and Illuminating Supple Blemish Cream (BB Cream). So, I got myself a bottle of Klairs Supple Preparation Facial Toner because I read most of the reviews mentioned that this toner is gentle and calming to the skin. It’s said to not to cause breakouts but help …

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IRIVER Blank Sound Angle Bluetooth Earphone BES-S50Gadget, Products, Reviews, Technology

Tech: iRiver Blank Sound Angle Bluetooth Earphone BES-S50

Finding a suitable earphone can be quite hassle especially if you’re looking for wireless that is suitable to be worn when you’re running, or doing your workout in the gym. I recently got myself an wireless earphone from my brother who bought it from Korea, and it has been one of my favourite gadget which I would bring along whenever I …

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Kawaii BoxOnline Shop, Products, Reviews

Reality Check: Why I Find Kawaii Box is Not as Kawaii (Cute) as They Claimed To Be

I recently received the monthly subscription box of Kawaii stuff. I wrote a post about the Kawaii Box earlier, and today’s post is all about the real stuff I received from Kawaii Box. It was pretty bad because the box was crushed. I was really disappointed upon receiving the box in which I cancelled my subscription immediately.

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EZ BuyOnline Shop, Reviews, Services, Website

‘Tricks’ To Get Your Favourite Beauty Products from USA with ezbuy

Online shopping has never been this easy especially when you have the power to shop internationally without even have to worry using credit card, Paypal, or even the delivery address. There’s a service which you can now enjoy, and you can even save more when shopping with them. I have been shopping internationally, and this one place is my favourite …

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Shaklee Alfalfa ComplexHealth, Products, Reviews

Health: The Hard-to-Swallow Truth about Shaklee Alfalfa Complex

I find it’s hard to find a decent review on Shaklee Alfalfa Complex, and almost of the reviews are mostly promotional-based reviews written by the registered distributors. So, I’ve decided to write my honest review about this product. Please bear in mind that I am not registered as Shaklee distributor or agent. I bought this Alfalfa Complex because I usually …

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