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Shopping: A Unique Way to Say ‘I Love You’ with Printcious

Have you ever received a personalized gift? What would you feel when your friend or special on give you a personalized gift? Everybody loves getting a personalized gift because it is the best gift as it is created after the person’s own thought with a nice touch. In fact, personalized does not have to mean something that has his initials or name on it …

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30-Minute Day Time Look (For Acne/Blemishes)How-To, Make-Up, Tutorial - Make-Up

How-To: 30-Minute Day Time Look (For Acne/Blemishes)

I recently got breakouts after trying a product which does not suit with my skin. While my skin is in bad condition, I’m taking this opportunity to do a simple 30-minute day time look specifically for those who are having blemishes or breakouts. Here’s a tutorial how I do my day make-up look without having to use concealer. Most of …

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HERA UV Cushion Mist Ultra MoistureBeauty, Products, Reviews, Where To Buy

Beauty: The Beauty Secret of Korean Flight Attendants – HERA UV Mist Cushion Ultra Moisture

Anyeong! It’s almost weekend, and today I’m going to write about my favourite compact cushion. Choosing a cushion compact that fits for your skin can be difficult especially when there is a need to be aware of what the finish look that you are looking for. If you’re an avid fan of dewy look skin like those Korean celebrities, then this cushion …

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