Dayve Rampas
Dayve Rampas

Wishlist: These Are ‘Must-Have’ Dresses

Today is my day of rest. I had 6-day workouts last week, and Monday is my day of rest. My current weight is 50kg and standing at 164cm. There’s another reason I do workout everyday. I’ve made a promise to myself a few years back that I would never return to my old self which I depend on a ‘don’t-eat’ diet and no workout. I ended up with severe stomach ulcer. Praise God that I didn’t have to end up in a surgery room. So, being fit and healthy is part of my life now especially when I’m a mother of my two (2) kids. My youngest is just a few months old.I have a very strict OB/GYN who always encourages me to keep a healthy lifestyle, and always maintain a nice body figure even when I was pregnant. Both of my kids are delivered SVD. This post will not cover on my pregnancy experience; rather how I love these styles which I found on Polyvore. It’s a great site for you to keep updated with the latest styles that go trending. Why I love workout, anyway? Because I couldn’t resist myself to wear them on, and make my kids (and hubby, of course) proud to tell others that I’m their mom. LOL! These styles are ‘must haves’, and I’ve listed down some of the links where you can get the similar one at affordable prices. MYR 3xxx is to much for some of us. Gaji 2-3 bulan bah tu!

All White


Like this style? These are the places where you can get them at very great deal!

Dressabelle Lace Overlay Sleeve Dress (White), SGD 38.00 / Dressabelle Cut-Out Shopper Bag (Off White), SGD 38.00


Like this style? These are the places where you can get them at very great deal!

Dressabelle Printed Floral Lace Bodycon Dress, SGD 39.00 / Dressabelle 3D Organza Skater Dress (Watercolour), SGD 37.00 / Dressabelle 3D Organza Skater Dress (Floral/ Navy), SGD 37.00 / Dressabelle D Organza Skater Dress (Floral/ White), SGD 37.00

Halter Peplum

Like this style? These are the places where you can get them at very great deal!

Dressabelle Poppy Floral Peplum Dress (Navy), SGD 38.00 / Dressabelle Poppy Floral Peplum Dress (White), SGD 38.00 / Dressabelle Printed Peplum Top (Garden Floral/Blue), SGD 27.00 / Dressabelle Dotted Embossed Peplum Top (White), SGD 27.00

If you’re looking for more outfits, just drop by to Dressabelle today. They have a wide selection of updated styles at very affordable prices. Trust me. You won’t find this elsewhere!

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