Why You Should Go For Sports Massage Therapy @ Purest Borneo Reflexology & Spa (Sabah)

I recently read a fitness article that massage is actually good not only for professional athletes but also for those who are regular in exercise program. It does not matter whether you are involved in HIIT, Crossfit, Gym, Tabata, Weightlifting, Boxing, Cycling, or even Swimming, a body massage should never be ignored because massage acts to improve performance, reduce pain, prevent injury, encourage focus and shorten recovery time.

While most of us love to get fit and healthy, many injuries are brought by over-using certain muscles. In fact, massage therapy relaxes the muscle tissue which reduce the likelihood of the muscles becoming overused as well as help to reduce the initial inflammation that leads to injury. Massage can also reduce nerve compression and help to flush lactic acid build-up out of muscle fibre and reduce recovery time.

Purest Borneo Reflexology & Spa

If you are participating in a competition (e.g. Crossfit or Weightlifting), an invigorating pre-competition massage is a great one to get you well-prepared for the competition. And, a post-competition massage should be able to flush out the toxins and help you to relax and enjoy the benefits of recovering from the intense muscle usage.

Today, I went to get a sport massage from Purest Borneo Reflexology & Spa which is located at Lintas Jaya Uptownship, not far from Hotel N°5. This spa is a humbly small place which I find it is quite peaceful despite of its busy surrounding. Finding this place is no hassle because the GPS is correct, and the signboard is big enough to see from far.

Purest Borneo Reflexology & Spa

I was greeted by their friendly staff and owner. The owner, herself, who has vast experience in this industry has been operating the business for some years now. She is a young woman who knows what is the best for her clients. In fact, I was not so sure of which package to have as they have tons of them on the list. She asked me what I actually do routinely, and try to understand what kind of activities that I usually have so she can properly suggest a better option for me and my dear ‘muscles’.

Purest Borneo Reflexology & Spa

Prior my massage session, I was served with a cup of hot ginger honey tea. It was a delicious and refreshing one. In fact, ginger contains anti-inflammatory properties that make it an ideal remedy for muscle and joint problems. Ginger honey has high levels of protein, which aids in the digestive process, and it also stimulates the secretion of bile, which helps to dissolve fat. Moreover, it stimulates the growth of intestinal flora to speed up the digestive process and facilitates bowel movements.

Purest Borneo Reflexology & Spa

I was later brought into a dimly lighted room. The floor to the room was filled with river pebbles which I found the nice ambience was so surreal. The background music, in fact, was so relaxing that I almost would love to enjoy getting my body to be pampered by the masseuse. Frankly speaking, the massage was relaxing and soothing. I fell asleep instantly. I could feel my body was pampered with the massage that my body really needs. I felt so refreshed after that, and I do notice that I didn’t feel sluggish or bloated after that.  I was later served another cup of hot ginger honey tea which I was looking forward because the aroma and delicious taste. *Teehee*

Purest Borneo Reflexology & Spa

After the massage, I felt great and not as tense. This was my first time at the Purest Borneo Reflexology & Spa as well as receiving a massage and I must say my experience was excellent. Definitely a recommended place to relax and get pampered with a nice massage.

Address: No 3, Ground Floor, Block F, Lintas Jaya Uptownship, 88300 Sabah, Malaysia

Purest Borneo Reflexology & Spa: Facebook  | +60 17-853 8255 (Contact Number)

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    1. Hi Eca, kalau sport massage, dia start from RM88 untuk 1 sesi (60 minit). Pigilah. Siok ni. Terus ringan bah badan lepas kena urut. 🙂 Diorang ada offer tu tiap-tiap bulan. Check FB dia. 🙂

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