Why Women Should Have At Least One Leather Bag In Their Collection

Most people, especially women, who travel a lot for work notice that finding a practical but attractive bag is very challenging. In fact, the majority of them are dragging multiple bags that abandoned their effort to look elegant and professional on their commute. For women, a bag is a symbol of a woman’s social independence because it signifies that the woman is socially and financially independent. Apart from that, a bag becomes a woman’s best friend as it transports belongings as well as a fashion statement. So, when it comes to leather bag, women would definitely describe it as classic, durable, and elegant. Today’s we’re going to look at the reasons why women should have at least one leather bag in their collection. 

Why Leather?

Leather is made from the hide of an animal which are well cleaned underwent a chemical process to stretch and tan the hide. Leather has always been highly fashionable as well as being strong and durable. The end product of all leather can either be a soft, hard, or even suede. Women need to have at least one leather bag in their collection because leather never fade, and it has always a high fashion that can be matched with casual or formal. In fact, it can be used for a longer period, too!

Types of Leather of End Product

There are various types of leather of end product, and they can be simplified as follows:

  • Soft
    • Full grain leather which has a natural look with natural grains. The characteristic of this leather is smooth and soft finish and is durable. It is easy to maintain and provides perfect comfort.
  • Hard
    • It is a robust type of leather with a very strong and durable finish. The leather is very soft, robust, easy to maintain, and grease resistance. The surface has a light grain pattern making the expression very uniformed.
  • Suede
    • It is the softest leather in which the hides can be used both on the surfaces and in combination with smooth leather. Suede has a nap which changes colour and provides a shimmering effect depending on the direction of the nap.

Choosing a Long-Lasting Leather Bag

In order to own a leather bag that lasts long, there are three (3) combination factors that one needs to consider: i) The origin of the leather, ii) The way the leather is treated, and iii) The rank of its grain. However, the most important factor to consider is the type of animal from which it is made. It has always been a dilemma to choose between a cowhide or goat hide.

When it comes to choosing the hide for bags, the preference would decide which leather bag that you should choose from. For instance, a full grain cowhide leather bag is going to last for lifetime; and a goat leather bag has more vintage and rustic look which is more affordable and last for 7-8 years. In addition, a cowhide is thicker than goatskin which makes the cowhide is more durable than goatskin. Although goat skin may be very thin and soft, a proper lining of canvas can make it more durable. In fact, goat skin is highly preferable for bags instead of cowhide leather because the leather made up of goat skin is very soft and flexible.

You can always afford to get a full grain cowhide leather bag because it is widely available as it is a by-product of beef industry. Cowhide is very resistant to abrasion and it is very rare to have wear-and-tear in cowhide. It is not novel because it is the most robust hide in structure. Since cowhide has thick surface, it allows craftsmen to render a unique and beautiful design. Goat skin, on the other side, is warm, breathable and is very comfortable to wear. Besides, it is more durable than cowhide because it is water resistant.

It is actually easy to maintain leather bag that others because the best maintenance advice for the care of all types of leather is to avoid the use of detergents and sharp objects. Never place the leather in direct sunlight or close to a radiator as this may cause the colour to fade and the leather to dry out. Moreover, never store leather bags under high humid conditions as they can grow mildew. Read this article from MAHI Leather for more information on leather care.

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