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Dayve Rampas

Why Women Lie?

There are no doubts that women are telling lies – considerably and often. But so men do the same. Allthough women can easily catch a lying man – he said that there was an important party with clients organized in his workplace, but he just went to the gin-shop with his friends. Or he boasts about his skills in papering walls, but he only damaged the room. Or he swears he had taken a dog for a walk though actually he was watching a basketball match.
Considering experimental data men lie 4-5 times more than women. But women do everything in a more professional way, because they can be proud of having a great oratory skills.Thats why many pauses emerge in a speech and men usually fulfill it with various “hmm”, “eee”, etc. And women’s stream of consciousness is so rapid that they doesn’t need to make any breaks.
An experiment was made by a few researchers from the University of Massachusetts to answer the questions about the lie of both genders and ascertain if it differs from one another. Robert Feldman gives such a results: “women lie in order to make her company feel comfortable, while men lie by seeking to create a better image about themselves. In addition, women feel the boundaries of tactical lie very subtle. Mostly they vapour in an elegant way without making others to feel angry or resentful. Sadly, but the lie of men often is very bold, rough and hurtful.”
Women were dependent on somebody’s will in human history from time out of mind. Usually it was her husband. Women learn and fall into a habit to tell a lie by saying the things that men want to hear. Take the statistics for example – 50% of women lie to their partners they had experienced an orgasm. It even became a reflex, but not trustworthy information. The truth is that no matter how self-sufficient and arrogant she could be, but always will need someone to trust and weep on the shoulder. Women lie, because they doesn’t feel safe.
Researchers claim that more often women lie about their sexual experience. They usually minimize the quantity of her partners and maximize the age speaking about her first time. This could be considered as a consequence of public belief that girl should be naïve, vestal and faithful. It is like a inside wish of all the men. For this reason, women will keep her countenance about her sexual past. Unless she would be already decided to leave him and would be standing in the doorway.
Women seek to be accepted not only in their workplaces, but also in the circle of her friends. They try to hide the mistakes, failures and emphasize the episodes of success. Thats the reason why even the easiest tasks they describe as a very hard ones. For the same reason women lie about their appearance – a few kilograms lower her weight, permanent make-up or plastic operations. Or even the slimmest models who claim they doesn’t take any of the diets and eat a half of cake every evening. After all, it is much more pleasant and spectacular to be perfect from the birth than to buy or make beauty using artificial methods, sometimes even injurious to health. Women doesn’t even consider such things as lies, they prefer to think that its just more smart to keep your beauty secrets private and personal and if someone asks, just say that you simply love healthy lifestyle.
Women are afraid to be different or so called “white crow” in a group of people. For example, even before going to any party they like to be asure how everybody will look like and what will be the “dress code” of guests. Women ask almost everyone they know to tell about their dressesor shoes. Accordingly, in the company where people earn good money women swallow about their smaller salaries but around poorly earned friends they hardly concede that their one day rate can exceed others one month salary. Such a lie can be related with a need of safeness. If you “drop of the context” you will become lonely.
By: Rugile Kiguolyte
Source: Jurgita

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