Why Train To Busan Is Not Your Typical Running Men Movie

You might have watched movies about zombies before but watching this Train to Busan (부산행) is going to make you think about what you would (or should) do when you come to a situation between life and death. The movie itself is a mixture of Final Destination, and World War Z. I find the movie is quite exhilarating, yet thrilling. 

I had been waiting to watch this movie ever since I read the news about it from my favourite Korean news portal. Despite of getting a C+ from David Erhlich, I still think Train to Busan was a great Korean movie about Zombie apocalypse. The plot started with the protagonist’s busy lifestyle while he had to deal with being a single father after the divorce. It was his daughter’s birthday, and all he had to do was to grant his daughter’s only wish to be with her mother in Busan.

So, they drove to Seoul station when they saw fire trucks and ambulances rushing toward building which was on fire. It was normal even after they went on board until a zombie inflicted woman rushed into the train without even getting caught. It was a fast-paced scene where the epidemic finally reached whole train. It was nowhere to go except to do some sacrifices just like some of the protagonists had to do for their loved ones.


I admired the movie because it let the imagination run wild as well as made me think of what you (and I) would do when we were in such situation. Survival would be the only thing we had in mind. In fact, each of the characters in the movie played with their own attitude, and how they behaved in such situation. For instance, the antagonist male only thought about himself and he would do anything to ensure that he would stay alive. One of the protagonists who was a father-to-be had to sacrifice himself for the sake of his pregnant wife.

Train to Busan was also packed with some exhilarating scenes such as the zombies jumping off the helis, and how these virus-inflicted people swarmed to get into the train via tiny door. There were tons of scenes which I laughed out loud because it was mixed with suspense. You would surely shout “Run! Run! Run! Faster!!!”, as if you were part of the movie, though. In short, this was not an ordinary Asian zombie movie.


The ending was a sad one where the only survivors were the female protagonists. They managed to get themselves to Busan, nearly to be shot by the army when they were passing through the dark tunnel. They survived because  the young female protagonist was singing a song which she was supposed to sing for her Dad.

Your curiosity of how the virus affected the people would only be answered when the male protagonist was answering a phone call inside the train. It has something to do with a failed biotech project.

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