Why I Love: Althea’s Dusty Rose Box

Althea's Dusty Rose Box

Sorry for the late post as I was really busy these few weeks. Some of my friends and readers asked me if I can suggest a few cosmetics which they would love to have for this Christmas. I recently received this Althea’s Dusty Rose Box which I find very interesting as the box includes all that I need for a simple and natural look, just like those Korean celebrities. The best thing about this box is because it has pore cleanser which can be very useful to remove all make-up residues and dirts that clogged the pores. Read more to find out what I feel about this Althea’s Dusty Rose Box.

For those who are not familiar with Althea, it is actually an online shop that has tons of authentic Korean beauty products at a very affordable price. You can always find something there, and the best thing is they offer free shipping, too! Beside that, Althea always has something new to share, and that includes with their new Althea’s Dusty Rose Box. This Althea’s Dusty Rose Box includes:

  • Bareblanc Moisture Lock Foundation #23
  • Etude House Play Color Eyes in Wine Party
  • A:Concept Water Cheek Blusher in Miss Me
  • Aritaum Satin Pencil Lip Laquer in Dry Bouquet
  • With Shyan Nail Laquer Solid Line in Hi Autumn
  • Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Care Kit

Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Care Kit

Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Care Kit is a very travel-friendly and convenient pack to bring along because it can fit into the bag. This kit can last for 2-3 days, really perfect to be used when I have to go travel. I don’t have to bring along those big and heavy pore care set anymore!

Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Care Kit

Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Care Kit is my favourite product because it really removes make-up residues, and cleanse deep inside the pores. It’s a very nice on my skin. In fact, this is not my first time using this because I always ensure that I have my Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Care Kit with me. This kit has a cleansing foam, toner, and a pack of cotton pads.

Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Care Kit

I once bought this kit because I wanted to try whether or not this thing can do wonder to my skin. I’m glad that this product does not make my skin too dry, and it is perfect for those who have oily, combination as well as sensitive skin, too!

Aritaum Satin Pencil Lip Lacquer in Dry Bouquet (아리따움 새틴 펜슬 립라커)

This is actually my first encounter with Aritaum Satin Pencil Lip Lacquer in Dry Bouquet. I was not a fan of Aritaum before this because I was skeptical about this product even though my sister-in-law did talk about this to me before.

Aritaum Satin Pencil Lip Lacquer in Dry Bouquet

Aritaum Satin Pencil Lip Lacquer in Dry Bouquet has changed my mind forever because this lip lacquer is so soft on my lips, and does not leave my lips with dry feeling. Besides, it has that velvety texture which I find it is interesting to apply it as a substitute to eyeshadows. LOL! Trust me. I have this current obsession of turning lipstick into eyeshadows base or primer. It glides smoothly on my lips. I can also make gradation colour on my lips. Its slim applicator really comes in handy. It makes my life easier as I no longer have to use lip brush! I’m not a fan of lip brush, anyway.

I like this Aritaum Satin Pencil Lip Lacquer in Dry Bouquet because the colour which I find it is quite soft, and looked like the colour of autumn season. Moreover, it is perfect to be worn by all skin tones. Frankly speaking, it does not make me look like an old hag because the colour matched perfectly with my skin tone, and it does not make my teeth looked as if I have not brush my teeth for aeons, I mean yellowish. *Teehee*

Aritaum Satin Pencil Lip Lacquer in Dry Bouquet

Etude House Play Color Eyes in Wine Party

This palette has 10 colours which remind me of the autumn season. The pearl colours are my favourite because they have holographic look which can be used as highlighters on my face. Etude House Play Color Eyes in Wine Party consists of some colours which can be used as shading, too. The texture is nice with less powder ‘fly-away’.

Etude House Play Color Eyes in Wine Party

Most of the colours are not vivid enough, and they are warm colours which are great to create a gentle and soft look. I actually love this eye palette because it has nice and pigmented texture. Furthermore, I can use some of the brown shades to create a natural look eyebrows.

My suggestion – It works better when using fingers to apply the eyeshadows because I noticed that the colours do not stand out when I tried them on my eyes using brushes or applicators. If you trust your fingers to do the wonder, then this eyes palette is made for you!

Bareblanc Moisture Lock Foundation #23

Bareblanc Moisture Lock Foundation #23 is a base foundation that has a light to medium coverage. In other words, there is a need to use concealer to cover blemishes such as acne scars. This is a perfect foundation for a light make-up look, and it does lock the moisture from drying up. I love this product for its features and how it does not make my skin dry or look too shiny.

Bareblanc Moisture Lock Foundation #23

My first impression about this product is the packaging itself. There is no cushion sponge just like those usual cushion compact. I was confused on how to use this at first. I thought I have to remove the lid and the white lid, too! It happened to be the case for the foundation. I just have to press the white lid to get the product.

The foundation is nice on my skin and it does not give my skin with that ‘too-much-shine’ or ‘too-dry’. I must say that this foundation is easy to blend onto the skin with dabbing technique. This product has a lightweight texture which gets into the skin faster. I love this product because it has water capsules to lock the skin’s moisture, smooth finishing, anti-aging, and SPF30/PA++.

However, I’m aware that this product can be too fair on my skin if I apply too much of the product. In other words, there is a need to be cautious on the amount used because too much of it can make the skin too fair… far too fair from your original skin tone.

A:Concept Water Cheek Blusher in Miss Me

I laughed out loud when I saw the message planted at the back of this product which said ’It Is Not A Nail Polish, Only For Your Cheek’. This really amazes me because the message itself creates an expectation that this product maybe looked like a nail polish – with a brush inside.

A:Concept Water Cheek Blusher in Miss Me

I love this product because it has a lightweight texture. It is very liquid because of its oil-based consistency. It does not leave my skin feels greasy, and it has a natural colour. Easy to apply, but it is advisable to dab or blend once the product gets contact on the skin.

These is a small reminder as this product requires only a small amount to create a nice and healthy looking blush. Yes. One drop is more than enough to cover both cheeks. You can add the colour if you would love to have a ‘deeper’ shade. As for me, I am fine with lighter shade because I’m really a fan of blusher, though. Hehehe.


With Shyan Nail Laquer Solid Line in Hi Autumn

I am not a huge fan of nail polish and I can be really fussy when it comes to choosing a nice and natural-look nail colour. To be frank enough, this is my first time hearing this With Shyan Nail Lacquer Solid Line in Hi Autumn. I was so skeptical with this nail colour because it actually has that brown and maroon shade which I would rather ditch that having them on my nails.

With Shyan Nail Laquer Solid Line in Hi Autumn

I am impressive with the colour as it comes out be very natural, soft, and warm. It makes my nails appear ‘sexy’, and ‘cute’. This is what my mum would love to have, too. Yes. My mum loves this kind of colour and she would never get tired of having this colour – Dusty Pink, because it looks warm, and not vivid.

I think I would go for this dusty pink colour for Christmas this year. This is so pretty, and irresistible. Moreover, I find it is easy to apply and very smooth.

With Shyan Nail Laquer Solid Line in Hi Autumn

My Final Thought

Althea’s Dusty Rose Box is one of my favourite beauty box from Althea. I must say that this time it consists of my favourite colours, and I admit that I find it is hard for me to ‘move on’. Since this is a limited edition Dusty Rose Box from Althea, I would advice you to get this before they are out of stock. Frankly speaking, they once had Dried Rose Box and all of them were sold out within a week!

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