Why I Love: A:CONCEPT 에이컨셉 Make Your Concept (Black Kit)

Why I Love: A:CONCEPT 에이컨셉 Make Your Concept (Black Kit)

A:CONCEPT 에이컨셉 may be quite new for some people especially those who are not familiar with Korean beauty products. The name may sound a bit weird because it’s like a mathematical function for those engineer. Anyway, I’m going to talk about a black kit with full of joyful for you because this is the kit which you should have in your collection, especially when you are looking for basic make-up kit for your everyday look. You can ditch those heavy make-up because it can dry up your skin. However, this kit does not include eyebrows-maker.

A:CONCEPT Make Your Concept (Black Kit)

I instantly fall in love with this black kit because of the quality of the things inside it. This black kit includes brightening cushion compact, a refill, and 2 types of lipstick which can also be used as blusher. Today’s post is all about what I love about this black kit. I will also be frank about what I don’t like about this product in my post. Please bear with it. 😆

A:CONCEPT Make Your Concept (Black Kit)


This kit is a complete basic make-up for everyday natural look. Though it does not include eyebrows pencil, or eyeliner. I still find this kit is nice enough especially when I need minimal coverage without having to look as if I am wearing make-up.

A:CONCEPT Make Your Concept (Black Kit)

The best thing about this kit is… It includes A:CUSHION refill, too! For me, this kit is really worth for my budget because it includes everything that I need in a box. Furthermore, I love the compact cushion has a small hole which can be used to put the lipstick in it. I find this kit is so travel-friendly because the size of the compact and it has a storage for the lipstick, too!

A:CONCEPT Make Your Concept (Black Kit)
The box includes graphical instructions, too! 🙂

This A:CONCEPT Make Your Concept kit also includes creamy lipstick that can be used as cream blusher, A:CONCEPT EVERYTHING IN A:CORAL LIP&CHEEK, and also A:RED ORANGE LIPSTICK. Both can be quite multipurpose. Teehee

A:CONCEPT Make Your Concept (Black Kit)

Why I Love A:CONCEPT All-In-One Brightening A:Cushion?

The coverage is quite minimal. It does not fully cover my acne scars and dark spots. In other words, there is a need to use concealer to cover the dark spots and scars before layering it with A:CONCEPT All-In-One Brightening A:Cushion. Although it may not be able to cover my blemishes that I still need to apply concealer beforehand, I love this brightening cushion because it can be applied for a light make-up and cover up the redness on my skin as well as brighten up my dull and uneven skin tone. I always use this whenever I need to do a light make-up just to cover my uneven skin tone, and brighten up my skin instantly.

A:CONCEPT Make Your Concept (Black Kit)
Here’s the refill.

A:CONCEPT All-In-One Brightening A:Cushion does not make my skin look oily or dry up the skin. It also last longer especially when I use it together with make-up primer, and loose powder. This cushion contains SPF35 PA++, and said to have whitening, and anti-wrinkles functions. Anyway, I still apply my sunscreen lotion before gliding this on my skin because I believe extra protection for my skin is the most important thing to do.

A:CONCEPT Make Your Concept (Black Kit)

Since I have a combination skin (dry + oily skin), I can be choosy when it comes to getting nice base make-up because some can dry up my skin while some make my skin really oily which later contribute to breakouts. I love to use this cushion together with my favourite 3CE primer, and Althea Loose Powder because it makes the make-up last longer, and does not wear off even after 6 hours without giving touch-ups. Besides, I love the anti-wrinkles function which helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines around my eyes.

A:CONCEPT Make Your Concept (Black Kit)

A:CONCEPT All-In-One Brightening A:Cushion is called as ‘brightening’ but for some people it can be said as ‘whitening’ because choosing wrong shade can lead to greyish-looking skin. There are 2 shades available – #21 Light Beige, and #23 Natural Beige. I chose #21 Light Beige because I remembered once my sister-in-law told me to always choose #21 for my skin tone if I would love to get a brighten-looking skin, and this shade is actually famous among the Koreans who would want to give their skin with that brighten-up look.

I love this cushion because it does not make my skin look very pale or greyish. It’s totally different from other cushion bearing the same shade that I have tried before. It makes my skin quite ‘glossy’, in other words, dewy. It makes my skin brighter and healthy. It is also nice to be applied when I need to quick fix or to look more natural as if I don’t wear any make-ups. The ingredients also make me fall in love with this cushion because it contains Hyaluronic Acid, Bifida Ferment Lysate, Propolis Extract, Collagen, and Aloe Vera Extract. These ingredients are really good to lighten the skin as well as to make skin look younger as well as fully hydrated.

A:CONCEPT Make Your Concept (Black Kit)
It covers up the lipstick stains.

Anyway, I might need to get #23 Natural Beige soon because #21 Light Beige can be too ‘bright’ for my skin tone if I accidentally over-applied it. Since it’s meant to brighten up my skin tone, I just need to apply by dabbing it onto my skin, not pulling it as if I’m applying conventional foundation on my skin. A small amount of it is considered more than enough.

A:CONCEPT Make Your Concept (Black Kit)
I actually layer this on the lipstick which I applied earlier.


It comes in my all-time favourite  colour – coral. I find this colour can be used as eyeshadow, too! I love this because it can be used as 3-in-1 – For Lips, Cheek, and Eyes! It has a nice velvety texture that makes me fall in love… instantly! Apart from that, the colour is soft enough and blend really well with eyeshadows.

A:CONCEPT Make Your Concept (Black Kit)


It’s because the vivid and vibrant colour. The texture is also nice and has a velvety texture. I cannot deny that the orange-red hue actually brighten up my complexion. However, there is a need to reapply or touch-up because this lipstick is not meant to be ‘long-lasting’.


What I don’t like about the things inside this kit? 

This kit only has cushion compact, a refill cushion, and 2 lipsticks which can also function as blusher. They don’t include eyebrows pencil or powder. The lipsticks are not lasting enough, so there is a need for reapplication after 3-4 hours (or maybe shorter than that, especially after eating). This kit is meant for a dewy and natural look, great for those who want to have a ‘no-make-up’ look.

What I wish it has inside this kit?

I wish it includes an eyebrows pencil or powder because I cannot live without grooming my eyebrows, making them ‘brow-on-fleek’. I can always live without eyeshadows but I may not be able to face the world without a nice eyebrows. Nowadays, people look at our eyebrows. They are somewhat like the windows to our soul. 😆

My Final Thoughts

This is a great kit and I would definitely repurchase since it contains the things that I really need the most. Moreover, this kit is so travel-friendly, and I have never experienced problem having this inside my small pouch especially when I need to attend dinner or formal event. This is a nice kit because I can simply bring along whenever I need to do a quick fix or just dab a light make-up.

I would definitely repurchase this kit (I’m hoping that they would continue producing this kit), and recommend this to others, too!

A:CONCEPT Make Your Concept (Black Kit)
This compact is really travel-friendly. Just the size of the palm, and it fits easily into my small dinner purse.

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