Whiter and Glowing Skin with the New Wink White Whitening Body Lotion

Wink White Whitening Body Lotion

Every one of us wants a flawless and radiant skin that some of us would spend fortunes on cosmetic products that will remove the imperfections. We always look for a way through which we can make our skin look good. However, having a beautiful skin does not necessary need a total complexion change, but nurturing the skin with every rightful need would give you a youthful and smoother skin that you deserve.  

Wink White Whitening Body Lotion

Dark spots or hyper-pigmentation is a skin problem that caused by excessive production of melanin in the human body. It can affect men and women of all ages, and can be very embarrassing and make people self-conscious. In fact, people with darker skin tone are more prone to this kind of skin condition. Thus, one should never ignore the importance of taking care the skin even though one may already classified into having ‘darker’ skin. It is crucial to take care of our skin regardless of skin tones. I recently received this Thailand product that has been famous, and I must say this new packaging is much much much better than the previous one.

Wink White Whitening Body Lotion

What They Say

Wink White Whitening Body Lotion SPF PA++ is enriched with nourishing vitamins with various concentrated extractions. It contains Lycopene which is 3 times higher than ordinary tomatoes. Black tomato, as it’s called “Kumato” in Korea contains Lycopene substances producing concentrated nourishing vitamins to whiter skin, detoxification and slow down the degeneration of skin cells. This product will moisturize dry skin and give radiant look. White Strawberry Imported product from Japan and it’s also contains antioxidant substances which stimulate production of skin cells collagen. This product helps to whiten skin and reduce black spots as well as pigment melanin. It gives a brighter and glowing skin from natural extracts, revive damaged skin as well as nourish for a healthy skin. Visible result can be seen as early as seven (7) days.

Wink White Whitening Body Lotion


  • Protect skin from the sun.
  • Restore dry and damaged skin.
  • Inhibit melanin.
  • Whitens the skin.
  • Enhance and strengthen skin collagen.
  • Anti-aging and delay the formation of wrinkles.
  • Reduce the clogging of pores.
  • Made with Sunscreen SPF 60 to protect skin from harmful sunlight.

Wink White Whitening Body Lotion

What I Say

The product comes in a 200ml plastic bottle with dispenser pump. At a glance, it looked like a shower bottle. I like the new packaging because it is black with a hologram label. I find it is pretty elegant, though. It is easy to dispense off the right amount of lotion and it does not spill out from the bottle. I even tested it when I carry this around inside my gym bag. I have not experienced any leakage which I must say the packaging is well-designed compared to their previous packaging.

The product has a nice scent of sweet florals which I find tolerable. It can last for about 4 hours. The lotion has a lightweight consistency that it easily absorbs into the skin. I would recommend this to be applied on dry skin because it is pretty hard to get it absorbed into the skin when the skin is wet. This Wink White Whitening Body Lotion is great for those who are experiencing dry skin, and it is great to be applied everyday, including before bedtime.

Wink White Whitening Body Lotion

I have been using this body lotion for 4 days now, and the result is very visible. Probably because I usually apply up to 3 layers of different body lotions and I rarely under the sun. As you can see from the photo above, I actually wash my hand with Wink White Fruitamin 10-in-1 Soap first before splurging the skin with Wink White Whitening Body Lotion. Ya, terpaksa sia pakai baju lengan panjang sekarang sebab bida bah ni tangan sekarang. This is, however, not recommended to be applied if you’re planning for a swim or play with the water under the sun. It is a great body lotion especially when you want to repair your skin.

My Final Verdict

This is a great product, not because it managed to make my skin fairer, but it makes my skin look good. The scent may be strong for some people but for me, it is still tolerable. It is recommended to use this body lotion together with Wink White Fruitamin 10-in-1 Soap. Just make sure to buy this body lotion from their registered/authorised distributors so that you won’t get a fake one. I have listed down the sellers here so you can simply click on the links and check them out yourself.

Where To Buy

More Details: Wink White Thailand

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