Where To Go: Yit Foh Coffee Factory (Tenom, Sabah)

It was a hectic month that I decided to take a break, and travel to Keningau just to meet my friend there. We went to Tenom just to visit Yit Foh Coffee Factory. Let’s assume that we were just buang tabiat. Just the two of us, who happened to be looking forward to get some adventures. Frankly speaking, we did not go anywhere else – just Yit Foh Coffee Factory as it was just an impromptu plan as we had no ideas what else to do in Keningau apart from mingling around the small busy town. 

Yit Foh Coffee Factory Tenom
My first time at Yit Foh Coffee Factory in Tenom. Nice place. Pardon me for being quite ‘plump up’ ever since I started working in Ranau.

Tenom – a place where I am going to visit again very soon because I need to check some of these interesting places including those estates. It’s so unfortunate that we did not visit Tenom Cultural Village as we were in a rush going back to Keningau that day. I guess I have fallen in love with this ‘Home of Coffee’ in Sabah and there are lots of things to discover in Tenom. I might be visiting this district again in a few months. I just need to set a purpose for my 2nd visit to Tenom – Jumpa kawan-kawan or pajak kopi, perhaps? I just do not want to be a gansau yet.

Yit Foh Coffee Factory Tenom

If you call yourself a coffee-lover or coffee-aholic, then you should travel to Tenom to check out this coffee factory. Yit Foh Coffee Factory is located in a small town called Tenom, which is about 168km South of Kota Kinanbalu, Sabah. In fact, Yit Foh Coffee Factory is the oldest and one of the most famous halal-certified coffee manufacturer in Sabah. This factory produces coffee grounds in traditional way by roasting coffee bean over wood-fire to bring out the true aroma of coffee.

What is so special about this place? This is where you can get to know much better about the coffee produced by this company. Not only that, you can always get your coffee supply at a very affordable price – cheaper than buying from supermarket lar. You can also take some photos as proof that you went to Tenom (even though you only visit the factory). Yit Foh Coffee Factory also offers some nice and cute houses to stay when you are in Tenom.

Yit Foh Coffee Factory Tenom
Umbrellas, and some nice and cute houses at the back.

Anyway, my intention was to get enough supply of coffee for my family and my colleagues @ Ranau District Office. So, I bought a box of coffee to bring back to Ranau, and some for my family back in Kota Kinabalu – I got Musang King Durian White Coffee for my Dad who is an avid fan of Durian. I spent almost MYR200 for all types of coffee I could get in the shop. Fear not. They accept Debit/Credit Card, just in case you are like me who would rather swipe the card than taking out some cash.

Yit Foh Coffee Factory Tenom
I must say that Musang King Durian White Coffee, and Teh Tarik are my favourites.

Besides its unique aroma, Yit Foh’s coffee also has an authentically traditional flavour. This distinctiveness comes from its coffee beans which are roasted in traditional wood-fire drum technique. The aroma wafts in the air, making Tenom, home of Yit Foh Coffee, synonymous with excellent natural coffee.

So, we went to take some photos with whatever they have in the compound. It’s not a boring place since there is also a coffee shop, too. Their Robusta Cafe has a nice view in which it reminds me of a place in Mesilau, Kundasang. Do bring along someone who knows how to take photos so you can always have some nice photos as if you are in a foreign country. Ngam kaini ayat?  😆 

What you should try @ Yit Foh Coffee Shop? I would recommend you to try their Iced Musang King Durian White Coffee. It is so creamy, ‘fluffy’, and delicious. Please do not order something else which you can get in Kota Kinabalu or Ranau. Just try their coffee drinks. Jangan macam-macam pigi tarai Cola Lemon yang bulih dapat di KK.

Yit Foh Coffee Factory is such a coffee-heaven! They offer a wide selection of freshly packed coffee. Tidak rugi mau pajak semua ini. Anyway, you can still buy Yit Foh Coffee products from Lazada as they also have their online shop for shopping convenience. You can simply check their online shop here – https://www.lazada.com.my/yitfoh-coffee/

Yit Foh Coffee Factory Tenom
What I bought from Yit Foh Coffee Factory~

Yit Foh Coffee Factory Tenom

Yit Foh Coffee Factory Tenom

Last but not least, my next trip will be Kota Belud, and Kota Marudu. Sengaja bah sia mau pigi tempat kawan-kawan sia bertugas di Pejabat Daerah. 😆 

For More Information
Address: 3 KM Jalan Tenom Sapong, Kg. Chinta Mata, Tenom, P. O. Box 184, 89908 Tenom, Sabah, Malaysia.
Website: http://www.yitfoh.com.my
Email: info@yitfoh.com.my
Phone Number: +6 087 735 657
Fax Number: +6 087 737 378
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/yitfoh

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