Where To Go: Kinomulok Garden (Ranau)

Kinomulok Garden (Ranau)

Tired with overcrowded holiday destination for your family (especially the kids)? If you are looking for a place that is nearer to nature, kampung lifestyle, and far away from those hectic life, you have to come to Kinomulok Garden. It is a great place for you and your family as this place has almost everything that your family wants – adventure, fun, peaceful, and some interesting hideouts for perfect selfies (enough to give more likes on Instagram).

Kinomulok Garden is located about 30 minutes from Kundasang to Ranau. It is on the same road to Poring Hotsprings (except that this place is nearer than the hotsprings). There is a narrow kampung road to Kinomulok Garden, but don’t worry as there is a big signboard to this place. Food? There are tons of good food stalls along the road – Lohan Rock Cafe, Sungai Lohan Cafe, Kiaburi Chicken Rice, and Dapur Sudu & Garfu, just to name a few.

Kinomulok Garden (Ranau)

Kinomulok Garden is a perfect getaway for those who are looking for a more serene place – away from the hectic lifestyle. This is also a great place for those who love to go for fishing because they do offer something for those who are in love with fish, ponds, and fishing.

Kinomulok Garden (Ranau)

ATV/UTV are also provided for those who love to go for adventurous activities or you just want to get a nice story for your Instagram posts. Kinomulok Garden has something that you would want to spend for hours.


There are tons of attractions (and they are adding up more soon!) at Kinomulok Garden, and of course, one of the attractions is the Hobbit House. You need to hike a bit to reach their Hobbit House. I didn’t manage to go there as I was wearing wedges (I forgot to bring my sneaker).

Kinomulok Garden (Ranau)

Row… Row… Row your bangkar is also made available at Kinomulok Garden. Your kids can also enjoy at the swimming pools – very large! Besides, they also offer places for you to spend the nights with family, and you can also have barbecue.

Hari beroperasi: Isnin – Ahad
Masa operasi: 8 pagi – 5 petang.
Lokasi: Lohan Ulu, Ranau. Berdepan dengan Ribu Jaya Hardware. Boleh search location kami di Google Maps.
Tiket masuk: Dewasa (RM5), Kanak2 (RM3)
Sebarang pertanyaan boleh call/whatsapp : 013-2920241 / 088-875291

For those who love to take selfie… There are some spots for you to enjoy taking nice selfies – I didn’t get one because there were a group of school girls who were riding the ATV which prevented me from taking photos. Anyway, this place is a great holiday destination in Ranau!

Kinomulok Garden (Ranau)

Kinomulok Garden (Ranau)


  • Kinomulok Garden, Kg. Lohan Ulu, Ranau.
  • Facebook Message
  • Whatsapp / Call / SMS: +6013-292 0241
  • Call: +6088-875291
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