Where To Eat: Sarawak Laksa (砂拉越叻沙) @ 1st Floor, Pasar Pekan Manggatal

Laksa Sarawak Pasar Manggatal

I was asking my cousin, Natasha, to accompany me to buy some things yesterday. Yet, she came up with excuses including craving for a bowl of Sarawak Laksa (砂拉越叻沙) at her favourite spot. So, I asked her to get ready in 30 minutes while I went out to deliver my friend’s supplement. Sarawak Laksa has always been one of my favourite food and I usually had it when I was studying in UiTM Kota Samarahan, Sarawak. After I graduated and returned to Sabah, my hunt for a perfect Sarawak Laksa was all in vain because most of them are very oily, and some of them are served with shrimp paste (I have allergy, anyway).

If you are like me (and my cousin Natasha) who love Sarawak Laksa a lot, this is the place which you should try for their Sarawak Laksa. They serve Chicken, Fish, and Vegetarian Sarawak Laksa only because the owner is a Seventh-Day Adventist (SDA) from Sarawak. You will never find shrimp or prawn in it (and don’t ask for shrimp, prawns, or belacan).

Laksa Sarawak Pasar Manggatal

This stall has been operating for more than 5 years yet it is still unknown by food lovers in Kota Kinabalu, maybe because of the location of this stall. Anyway, it is quite famous among those who live in Inanam, and Manggatal because of its special homemade Laksa paste, and its spicy sambal. The owner of this business herself is a Sarawakian who got married to a local Sabahan. This stall operates from Sunday to Friday, and closes on Saturday (Sabbath).

The Sarawak Laksa has its own flavour, and I actually like its soup which is quite delicious and less oily. No wonder my cousin Natasha loves to have a large bowl of Sarawak Laksa here. It’s simply delicious! Recommended! Very cheap, too. You can simply have a bowl of delicious Sarawak Laksa below RM10. Just find Stall No. 4, or you can just ask the people at the Pasar Manggatal where’s the Sarawak Laksa. They will surely tell you the exact location. For me, the stall has the perfect view of Manggatal Community Hall.  😀

Here are some of the photos of my cousin with her L-sized bowl of Sarawak Laksa. You can also read some of the reviews made by my fellow Facebook friends who have already tried Sarawak Laksa @ 1st Floor, Pasar Manggatal.

Laksa Sarawak Pasar Manggatal

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