Where To Buy: Materials for Your D.I.Y BB Cushion Foundation

What would you do when your BB Cushion Foundation has dried up? Buying a refill which can be quite costly or just making your own BB Cushion Foundation which is fairly easy, and you don’t have to spend lots of money for it. Plus, it’s better to make your own BB Cushion Foundation that can match your skin tone apart from adding more benefits to it. Everyone who has tried BB Cushion Foundation before knows that it’s hard to get a BB Cushion Foundation that match our skin tone. Trust me. You don’t want to end up like a Twilight. I have posted out a tutorial for you to D.I.Y your BB Cushion Foundation. Fret not. You can always get those materials for your BB Cushion Foundation by clicking the links below. If you’re staying in Malaysia, I’ve list down the links for you to get the materials locally. Happy DIY-ing!

The steps in pretty simple to make your own BB Cushion Foundation. You just need to get a BB cream, Foundation (cream/liquid based), serum, and sunblock. You will need the foundation to match your skin tone. When buying a foundation, you need to look for the shade that match your skin tone so that you will get the desired shade of your own personalized BB Cushion Foundation. You can use your finished BB Cushion Foundation but you need to wash the sponge beforehand. Clean up your BB Cushion case to ensure that there’s no bacteria built-up. We don’t want to suffer break-outs due to unclean make-up practice, anyway.

Where To Buy

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