Where To Buy: Lee Sung-kyung’s Outfits

I’ve always admired how these Koreans mix-and-match their outfits to blend with the occasions. I’m pretty amazed when watching Queen’s Flower (여왕의 꽃) as Lee Sung-kyung’s Kenzo Polka Dot Chintz Jaquard flare dress in the drama series really caught my attention. The flare skirt makes Sung-kyung a more slimmer figure, and look more feminine. Navy with white polka dot and horizontal black stripe motif. Moreover, flare skirt is always the perfect way to hide big hips, or flat butt (if you don’t do your squat). The colour is also dark enough to make you look slimmer. It looks retro with soft elegance added.

Kenzo Polka Dot Chintz Jacquard Flare Dress


Source: lanecrawford.com

Inspired version from YesStyle

I'm going to write where you can get an inspired version of Sung-kyung's outfits. This pretty 5'8" model was paired up with Lee Kwang-soo as supporting roles in It's Okay, That's Love (괜찮아, 사랑이야). I'm currently following both Kwang-soo, and Sung-kyung's Instagram. 😛 You might also be interested to have a peek at Sung-kyu's #OOTD. I've listed down some inspired outfits for you (and for me, too!).



Inspired version from YesStyle

Inspired version from YesStyle

I hope you will be able to get some from YesStyle. Do drop me a message if you would like to ask me something. Have a nice day!  🙂

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