Where To Buy: Baby Diapers

Where To Buy: Baby Diapers

I always love the feeling of being a mother even though that ‘feeling’ includes exhausted, and sleep deprivation. Yet, I still look forward for every single minute I spend with my kids. These kids, somehow, turn me into someone who always stay alert with the latest updates especially when it is related to price. This is the feeling which moms (and dads) know the best. I’ve never thought that having kids might rip your money off the pocket. It never crossed my mind. Not even once. I can still play with my make-up, get pretty for Mr. Hubby, and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Nothing has changed even though I’m now a mother, and a wife. Kids are blessings from God, and they are precious gems. 

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Having a family means you need to sacrifice your time and money to do shopping as well as do the monthly budget. Financial may be my major but dealing with daily transactions is challenging. Why? Because I need to spend 2-3 hours every day searching for the offers, and make comparison between one shop to another. I learnt price comparative theory back in my university days, and now I’m applying it into my life. I admit doing the shopping with my hubby can be tiresome as much as considering the fuel consumption. Hence, I choose to do most of the shopping via online. I can save more time, and do more works.

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Stocking up some diapers has been part of my favourite, and my stocking system is equipped with ‘re-order level’. You can laugh but that’s how I manage my family. If you’re like me and always hunting down for cheaper diapers (the same diapers you can find at the supermarket), here are some of the links you might want to consider. Always buy in bulk so that you can always save on the shipping cost. If you’re staying in Labuan, Sabah, or Sarawak, the trick is to aim at the lowest shipping surcharges (or FREE). I always compare the cost of getting diapers from online store with the costs (Diapers + Fuel + Parking Fee) of buying from hypermarkets. If you can think it’s cheaper buying from online stores, then you should do it ASAP because the stocks are very limited. If you have discount coupons, use it so that you can save more.

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NOTE: All shipping surcharges and prices are true and based on the updated Lazada pricing system as at 6 October 2015. Prices may change from time to time.


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