Dayve Rampas
Dayve Rampas

Where is God?

There were two boys that were always into trouble and any time somthing went wrong people asumed they did it. Their parents went to a preacher who was successful in straitining out kids he said ok. I’ll help you send in the youngest kid tommorow and the older one the next day the young kid went in and the man asked him: Where is god? The boy didn’t answer so the man said alittle louder WHERE IS GOD? The kid didn’t answer so the man yelled WHERE IS GOD? The kid got really scared so he ran all the way home and locked himself in his closet. His brother heard the door slam so he said: Hey whats wrong let me in! So the younger one let him in and said: Were in big trouble now, God is missing and they think we have him.

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