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Dayve Rampas

What You Need to Know About Modeling

Modeling isn’t like it was in the 80’s, yet a lot of people still seemed to have this 80’s perception of modeling. Ebony and Jet Magazine hold open auditions for runway models but they tell you that you have to be 5’10” to audition. Isn’t that a little extreme? Tyra Banks is a little more reasonable. To audition for her show “America’s Top Model” you only have to be 5’7”. Because of this so many women out there who want to model say that they aren’t tall enough or shaped right. What is tall enough or shaped right?
In the 90’s something started happening in the world of modeling. We started opening up magazines and seeing women with bigger butts and bigger bust sizes. We started seeing swimsuit models. What are swimsuit models?
There are now many different types of models. Print, commercial, fashion, import or car, runway and of course swimsuit modeling are among the list of categories that are recognized by many agencies and people in the industry. So don’t sell yourself short by thinking that you don’t meet the standards to be a model. In today’s industry models are setting their own standards. Look at Ki Toy or Vida Guerra. They are far from traditional models. And what about the infamous Dove Girls? On a more local landscape, import modeling hosts some of the shortest models in the industry. Oh and how could I forget to mention the lovable Tila Tequila of Myspace?
With these vast changes in the modeling world, doors are being opened for people of all shapes and sizes. There is a demand for models from every walk of life. Getting your foot in the door is no longer the arduous task it once was. So dream big, take chances, shoot for the stars and set the standard. Charge on and don’t take no for an answer. Determination, more than anything else, is the deciding factor between people who succeed and people who fail. Become a model and help others learn to appreciate their own beauty also.
There are many different types of agencies that represent models. Identifying a legitimate agency can be a difficult task in itself. Then when you find a legitimate agency you end up having to shell out hundreds of dollars to have your portfolio made. In other cases that agency turns out to actually be a school and you still have to shell out hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Now your dream career has become an expensive hobby.
Finding a free agency has proven to be a very lucrative option. Many of these agencies will not charge you for services until you have been connected with opportunities. You simply model for their use as they try to get you hooked up with magazines, clothing companies, and top modeling agencies that may never notice you without the help of a local agent. These agencies are based upon “sweat equity” – the more effort you contribute to your success, the more successful the agency will be in establishing a great portfolio for you. They offer great solutions to getting you into the industry without the hardship of high costs.
Author: Michael T Washington

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