What I Think: Fair & Lovely Advanced Multi Vitamin Cream

Fair & Lovely Advanced Multi Vitamin Cream

I still remember when the first time I saw Fair & Lovely whitening cream in an old shop in Tamparuli, Sabah. The packaging was rather simple and small back then. I asked my mom if she could buy me the whitening cream, I was teenager that time, I guess I was about 14 years old. Mom was quite reluctant at first because the product was an imported product from India. I had to convince her to buy one because my classmates were using it. Every girls in my class wanted to be fair. So, today, I went to shop for groceries at YES Mart here in Kiaburi, Ranau. I saw this Fair & Lovely again, but this time, it comes in a bigger and newer packaging.

Fair & Lovely Advanced Multi Vitamin Cream

Unlike the previous Fair & Lovely version, this new version has a more sweet floral fragrance. I must say it is pretty strong one. I would prefer to have the previous fragrance which is mild which is quite my cup of tea. The cream was also a bit orangish compared to the current one which is in creamy white colour.

Fair & Lovely Advanced Multi Vitamin Cream

The texture of the cream has also improved a lot. The previous one left white residue every time applied on the skin but this newly improved formulation blends well into the skin and does not leave any white residues. In fact, it contains advanced multi vitamin for a glowing radiant fairness. Fair & Lovely Advanced Multi Vitamin contains Niacinamide, and Sodium Ascorbyl phosphate that works on melanin from the source and prevents it from coming to the surface as a spot.

Fair & Lovely Advanced Multi Vitamin Cream

Fair & Lovely is known for its effectiveness in skin lightening and helps address skin issues such as skin darkening, uneven skin tone, marks, under eye dark circles, dullness, and dark spots. Besides, Fair & Lovely has been clinically tested by multiple internationally renowned dermatologists to ensure its efficacy.

I have decided to wear this Fair & Lovely again because I wanted to have a fair skin especially when I no longer wear make-up when I go to work. I wanted to reduce the appearance of dark spots, and dark under eyes so I can always be confident even without make-up. There is nothing much I can say about this product but I can say that this product has been a great help for those who wanted to lighten the skin tone. The visible result may not be as fast as what you think, but a constant application will give you the result that you are looking for.

Fair & Lovely Advanced Multi Vitamin Cream

This product is recommended for those who have normal to oily skin types. However, I would not recommend this product to be used by those who have severe pimples or sensitive skin. I would advice that you read the ingredients first before buying it because some ingredients may not be compatible with your skin.

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