Wedding: Floral Collection by Dream Wedding (日系婚紗嫁衣)

Getting tired with the same old wedding gown worn by Princess Catherine when she got married to Prince William some years ago? Her style is timeless but you should create your own style on your big day, make it something special for the rest of your life. You wouldn’t want your kids to think that your era was all about Princess Catherine (just like when we saw our mothers wearing the same outfits as Princess Diana).

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There are various styles to be chosen from, and I admit that the floral collection by Dream Wedding (日系婚紗嫁衣) is quite eye-catching. Enough to make your guests stand in awe magnifying the design of the gown itself.

The one of a kind bridal gown collection is designed by Misaki Keiko with the influenced of Victorian style with Japanese florals to add as a twist. It’s a fairytale-like gown which has creamy and dreamy colors which make the bride stands out.

Visit their page or more photos of their collection.

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