Web App: FotoJet Collage Maker

Imagine your family is going to have a surprise birthday party for your dad and they’re asking you to make a simple invitation cards to be sent via Facebook or Whatsapp. Unfortunately, you didn’t bring your laptop, and your office desktop doesn’t have any imaging software.


Fret not because FotoJet can do the job in a jiffy. It’s a free online collage maker that enables users to quickly create amazing photo cards, collages, and posters without the hassles of downloading or installing. Plus, you don’t have to register, too! That’s what I call it cute because I love to have all tasks done a few days before dateline.

These are ready-made templates for you to choose from.

FotoJet has more than 170 professionally designed templates for 6 styles. You have no problem trying to find the perfect templates for your designs. I’m pretty impressed with the templates and they can be customized, too! This fast-loading website offers lots of customizable features such as flip, mirror, zoom, and text font, style, colour, etc. You can either upload your photos from computer or Facebook. You only need to drag and drop your photos into the frame/s. Very simple.

FotoJet helps you to grab photos from your Facebook… With your permission, anyway.
Drag and drop. Simple!

Besides, you can also change the message and text. I’ve decided to keep the text, anyway.

Saving mode

Your finished design can be saved in JPG or PNG format. Unlike other available online software, FotoJet allows you to save based on your desired image quality and size. Cool! The only thing that I don’t like about FotoJet is you will need to get back to step 1 if you wanted to change with a new template. In other words, you need to re-upload your photos because this site does not save your photo/s into their site.

FotoJet also offers samples for you to browse. Just in case you have no idea how to make one.

Your design can also be shared via social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, or you can just send it as email. You can always hop on to their Tutorial section if you have problem using it. I find this is too cool to be true as I can always save my time and no need to wait for that long waiting to have it downloaded and installed into my computer. Check out for some of the samples below:

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