VLOG #1: Mesmerizing Sunset @ Sutera Harbour Resort, Kota Kinabalu

Hi, guys! I hope you’re doing fine today. It’s already May and we all know that this is the month that we have been waiting for – Celebration Month! First of all, I would love to wish all of you Kotobian Tadau Tagayo Do Kaamatan (Happy Havest Festival). Anyway, I didn’t get to witness the grand Kaamatan celebration in Tambunan because I was fully occupied with new blogging tasks. So, Mr. Hubby decided to bring us to Sutera Harbour Resort to get some fresh air and watch the sunset (he knows what’s my favourite view, anyway).

This is an interesting place to hang out other than Tanjung Aru. You can simply park at Pan Pacific Sutera Hotel or at Magellan Sutera. The entrance is free, if you are curious about the fee. Hehehe. The spot is open for public, and only be closed when the place is occupied for event or function.

The view is absolutely relaxing, and you can simply get a nice sip of drink while watching the sunset. Besides, you can bring your kids here to enjoy the sunset and take some photos. Here’s the video which I have taken last Sunday. If you love to take photos, this is the place where you should take photos. Nice view. 🙂

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