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New Directions Aromatics

Essential oils can be tracked down from the history of ancient India, Persia, and Egypt. Each culture had different method of preparing and usage. My family has always believed that essential oils offer a variety of benefits from health to beauty use. In fact, we usually use essential oils as part of our home remedies. This started from late great-grandmother who was a traditional medicine practitioner which she learnt from her Chinese friends as well as gained some experience and knowledge from her late grandparents. It has always been part of our family.

Despite of modern lifestyle that has taken most of our life, we still look for home remedies. For instance, we use eucalyptus oil to reduce stuffy nose, headache, fever, and help loosen coughs. We usually apply eucalyptus oil after taking bath because it has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. Besides, we apply eucalyptus on hair as conditioner to stimulate hair follicles to encourage hair growth and bring down inflammation in the scalp. We also use eucalyptus oil as pimples treatment by mixing eucalyptus with warm water, and apply it on pimples with cotton swab.

New Directions Aromatics

Essential oils have enhanced lives for thousands of years, offering a variety of benefits from cosmetic and dietary purposes to spiritual and religious use. They are organic and highly concentrated in nature which often referred to as volatile, ethereal, or even aetherolea oils. Every essential oil gets its name from the plant from which it is derived. This essential oil can appear from colourless to having any colour. In fact, the colour of the oil signifies its therapeutic qualities.

In order to get essential oils that are therapeutically active, it is advisable to purchase from a reputable supplier that specializes in essential oils. In fact, essential oil that is 100% pure and natural should not have anything else to be added to it because this will compromise the therapeutic properties in it which is ready to be used in aromatherapy.

New Directions Aromatics

I have always stocked myself some essential oils which can be used for the family. I can be a quite selective when making decision on the quality of essential oils. My favourite essential oils have to be organic 100% essential oils because most essential oil suppliers usually dilute their essential oils using improper distillation practices. Thus, I usually look for words on the label that state something like, ‘100% Pure Essential Oil’, ‘Certified Pure’, or ‘Therapeutic Grade’.

There’s another brand which I love to check out for their essential oils. I actually love their online store because it does not only sell organic 100% essential oils but also provide vast information about the oils and the usage. New Directions Aromatics is the one-stop-shop for many premium natural and organic products, raw materials, spa supplies and essential oils. They also carry soap and cosmetic bases as well as candle-making supplies, fragrance oils and more. They have their Resource Centre with over 500 formulas and tools, too!

New Directions Aromatics


New Directions Aromatics has the essential oils that are on my favourite list because these oils are famous for their beauty and health benefits. Some of my favourite essential oils are Lavender, Cinnamon Leaves, Cajeput, Lemongrass, Tea Tree, Wintergreen, Yarrow, Rose Geranium, Juniper Berry, and Rosemary. The best thing about organic 100% essential oils offered by New Directions Aromatics is they can be easily accessible. Besides, they offer international shipping for their customers from outside USA and Canada. When it comes to getting a flawless and younger looking skin, I would always go for products that mix with organic 100% essential oils, or just make one for myself!

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