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Up Close With Evelyn Lim

by Sumandak

She’s bubbly, energetic, and ambitious sumandak from Papar, Sabah. Evelyn Lim, 25, has never take the easy way out every time when she stumbled into difficult situation. I’m not going to blab any longer, let’s get up close with her. Unless you are happy to read my nonsensical article in a more rojak (mixed) Sabahan slang. Nanti-nanti laitu kio~
Just a short bio on her (I won’t let you have her phone number tho… LOL!):
Name: Evelyn Lim
Age: 25 years old
Place of Birth: Papar Hospital, Sabah
Hometown: Papar, Sabah
Hobbies: To be occupied with or concentrating on a particular activity
Experience: Modeling, Actress, Beauty Pageant.
Sumandak: What is your most hysterical or ridiculous school memory that you’ve ever gotten into?
Evelyn Lim: I cannot recall any of it because I consider that my school memory has always been awesome! I do not let myself to get into trouble and I usually try to fix everything before it gets even worst.
Sumandak: What are five things you can’t live without?
Evelyn Lim: There are several things that I can’t live without: handphone, laptop, family, my man (boyfriend), and the most important thing is my organizer! (laughing)
Sumandak: What’s your motto/advice you live by?
Evelyn Lim: I’d say that it has to be with not even to stop yourself from doing whatever you want to do. We should always allow problem to ‘hit’ us so that we’re able to learn to face the problem and not just run from it. They are just part of our life that makes our life wonderful and riveting!
Sumandak: Your favorite song/s to belt out at the bar? In the car? At karaoke?
Evelyn Lim: I’m more to R&B Soul person and I’m hooked on all Bruno Mars‘ songs apart from Babyface‘s Sorry For The Stupid Things, and Ne-Yo‘s One In A Million.
Sumandak: Ten years from now you will be…
Evelyn Lim: The first thing that popped out of my mind is ‘I’m getting older!’ (Laughing)Who knows what I might be in ten years later. Que Sera Sea, whatever will be, will be. I might become a well-known person by then. At least I’m not well-known for ‘famous last words’. I really hope that all my efforts and my passion will be paid off. My mission is to have my own label, Evelyn Lim Events (E.L.E), and to have my own local modeling academy, something like Broadwalk Model Academy, or Image Model Academy. I hope I don’t cry for the moon, anyway. (Laughing)
Sumandak: When did you realize that modeling was your passion and that you needed to this as a career? How did you get into this?
Evelyn Lim: It all started when I pushed my luck to participate in Unduk Ngadau(beauty pageant) in conjunction with Klang Valley’s Tadau Kaamatan (Harvest Festival) in 2007. The person who is responsible to bring me into this profession is none other than Albert Oliver, a professional fashion designer who were looking for some people to parade his collection in Kuala Lumpur and Sabah. From that day onwards, I realized that my passion is to be on-stage. I received lots of offers from others after that; runway, acting, photo-shoot, beauty pageant, and being usherette in Kuala Lumpur, Johore Bahru, Singapore, and Sabah. I’m very happy that I’ve been doing it for 4 years now.
Sumandak: When was the moment you realized ‘okay I made it’?
Evelyn Lim: It all happened when I had to get my Evelyn Lim Events (E.L.E) an official event management license from Dewan Bandaraya Kota Kinabalu (DBKK). I had to rush here and there just to have all things settled in just a day. And yes, I had to use the money which I’ve won from a beauty contest that I’ve joined recently – Dreamgirl Moretune’s Miss SPCA 2011. I am so lucky to have both of my friends, Appy Tots, andRoger Teo who have been very supportive all this while.
Sumandak: What is the hardest obstacle that you’ve had to overcome?
Evelyn Lim: I lost my father when I was just 12 years old and I couldn’t bare to see my mother who had to earn for living all by herself. It really torn my heart as she had to struggle for the 4 of us. In order to lessen her burden, I had to become the backbone of my family. I had to work at my very young age just to help my mother. I have always skipped my meal back then just to ensure that my siblings will never feel the way that I feel at that time. It was really heart-wrecking. However, all those hardships have actually turned me into a  stronger person today which I’m very grateful for it. Now I can smile as I watch all my siblings are on their way to have to have their Degrees.
Sumandak: Care to share with your current project/s?
Evelyn Lim: I’ve just set up my own event management business and have a lots of projects going on at the moment. Apart from it is Voice Of Soul (V.O.S) 2011. It’s a singing competition which has eventually received nearly 60 participants from all over Sabah. Me and my E.L.E crews are very surprised with the widespread support and that’s what has motivated us to do even better! Our next project will be fashion catwalk or runway! I can’t hardly wait to do the next project!
Sumandak: Your advice to all inspired young models out there.
Evelyn Lim: Everyone wants to be a model but not all have the real passion on it. No matter how far we’d gone along the path, don’t ever forget the real you. Don’t ever let the fame change you even a bit. Remember that you will always be you even the world falls into pieces.
You can always get close with Evelyn on her Facebook Page… Ya, like saja bah…
Evelyn Lim Fan Page
E.L.E Fan Page

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