True Story: How I Become an Althea-holic and Althea-ddict

Althea Korea

Sorry for the long hiatus which I’m supposed to write something on my blog once a day. I’m currently stranded with a pile of works and also I have to monitor this project (which I’m not supposed to reveal at the moment). Anyway, today’s post is about how I ended up as an Althea-holic and Althea-addict. I’m going to share my personal ‘story’ about how I become addicted on Althea Korea. 

Althea Korea

I started to fall in love with Korean beauty, and follow their strict skincare routine ever since I watched Winter Sonata (겨울연가). That was in 2002. I was so amazed with Choi Ji-woo’s delicate and flawless skin. She was so gorgeous even though she did not wear thick make-up back then. I was so down-hearted because my skin was oily and full with pimples. I had to apply thick layers of make-up base just to conceal those pimples. I felt fugly back then. There was not a single confidence left in me.

Althea Korea

I would usually go to drugstores with my friends and spent for an hour browsing, reading, and deciding which products that I should try. I also relied heavily on reviews on forums (, and were my favourite places to discuss with others), and listened to my Grandmother’s skincare tips. It was really hard to see skincare products with ‘Made In Korea’ stamped on the label back then. I had to ask fellow friends on forum whenever I wanted to buy Korean skincare products.

My first purchase were Etude House Peach Skin Pact, and Pore Erasing Peach Base. The products were so good that I started to hunt more Korean skincare products. I am so fortunate that I no longer have to experience all the hassles because ever since Althea Korea started its operation about 2 years ago, I can always get my K-Beauty supplies without having to worry the authenticity because Althea works with the brands and ensure that everything is in compliance with their Five Points Quality Assurance. In fact, Althea will honour a refund 200% of purchase value if the product is confirmed non-authentic.

Althea has never failed to listen to their customers. Their Pixies have always tried to reach their customers and asked a few questions. In fact, they even create a Wishlist Form just to listen to what their customers wish Althea to bring on the shelves. Besides, Althea Pixies always respond to their customers – whether they are positive or negative feedback. They are very active on their social media accounts, giving their very best to entertain their customers. They really value their customers so much! You can always rely on the Pixies; never hesitate to contact them because you will always get a friendly reply from them.

Althea offers authentic Korean beauty products at a very competitive price. I always browse through a few K-Beauty online shops before making a purchase because I want to get the best deals in both price and shipping fee. There’s nothing can beat Althea Korea because they offer FREE SHIPPING on orders above MYR99! For those who are staying in East Malaysia, this is a good news because we hate the fact that we have to pay expensive shipping fee which usually cost between MYR15 – MYR25. Yes. We really hate it. The shipping fee alone is enough to make us turned off. With Althea, we can always say ‘YES YES YES’ when we need to buy for our K-Beauty products.

Althea Korea has never failed to surprise me with their great offers. In fact, I received tons of freebies when shopping with them. The best thing about Althea is they have lots of skincare products from various brands in Korea. Most of them cannot be found in Malaysia or any other countries. When I transformed my blog from personal to professional, my hunt for Korean products have intensified, too. Having all ‘Made In Korea’ skincare products make me satisfied. Moreover, my skin has become so nice after using skincare products which I bought from Althea Korea. I have never expected that I can now enjoy having a smooth and healthy skin. I no longer have to apply heavy make-up. I can finally have the confidence to go out without wearing heavy make-up.

I cannot blame you from saying that Korean products are pretty expensive. I admit that but you can still find some authentic Korean products from Althea which fit your budget. In fact, you can always get more in a box even when your budget is only MYR100. Where else can you get with such a great deal?

Ever since I had my Advanced Diploma in Make-up Artistry in 2012, I always look for authentic make-up products. My favourite make-up products have always those from Korea. The reason is pretty straight-forward, it’s because Korean skincare and beauty industry have always 10 years ahead of us, even the Western counterparts have always looked at Korea to look for a trend, and refer to their research. When it comes to make-up stuff, my justification lies on the end result after wearing the make-up for a few hours.

Frankly speaking, I hate how some famous make-up brands made my clients’ skin looked dry and flaky despite of their claims which I later learnt that they were just marketing gimmicks. When I found BB Cream for the first time, I tested it on my skin and I was so impressed as it was so nice on my skin. Today, 90% of my make-up products are from Korea and most of them are bought from Althea Korea.

I guess I need to stop now. I know that once I started writing, it’s hard for me to stop. Last but not least, Happy 2nd Birthday, Althea Korea. I know I’m a bit late but I wish that there will be more to come after this. You have been the best thing ever happen in my life. Thank you for being the best online store that bridge the cultures to the countries.

p.s. Dear Althea Pixies, is it possible for me to visit Althea in Korea and takes some photos of Althea place? I know this request can be too much. 😳 

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