‘Tricks’ To Get Your Favourite Beauty Products from USA with ezbuy

EZ Buy

Online shopping has never been this easy especially when you have the power to shop internationally without even have to worry using credit card, Paypal, or even the delivery address. There’s a service which you can now enjoy, and you can even save more when shopping with them. I have been shopping internationally, and this one place is my favourite place to shop because it offers lots of things which are hard to find locally.

EZ Buy

Introducing ezbuy (formerly known as 65Daigou), a reliable online shopping pitstop where you can buy your favourite make-up, skincare products, and so much more at the most affordable prices. I would like to introduce another service offered by ezbuy. Most of you would relate ezbuy with Taobao, but did you know that ezbuy also offers ‘Buy For Me’ service from other countries such as USA? There are more than 1,000,000 items to choose from various merchants and the list is growing every day.

As a professional freelance make-up artist, I love getting all my make-up products direct from the certified merchants because I prefer quality over quantity. In fact, I bought most of my make-up products from USA without having to worry about the mode of payment, delivery address, and shipping fees. ezbuy will handle the shipping and customs declaration process. No more headache. Moreover, ezbuy offers FREE REPACK for USA parcels, and they do not have base charge for shipping which actually guarantees at least 30% saving on shipping fee.

I recently stumbled into Drugstore.com, and they are having clearance sale because they are closing down the business on September 30th. So, I’ve decided to get some of the products which are sold at the lowest bargain! With ezbuy, I can always get my favourite USA make-up brands at up to 60% off local retail price. My online shopping is much easier at ezbuy.my.

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First of all, you need to get yourself an account with ezbuy, you can create one here for free. Make sure you write down your own email address, a valid one. Do not use other people’s email address because the system requires you to verify your email address before they can approve your application. Moreover, you are required to give them your valid mobile phone number so they can SMS you a code for you to authenticate that you have given them a valid contact number. Newly registered user will be rewarded with a MYR 15 cash discount which can be used during shopping with ezbuy.

EZ Buy

ezbuy has the easiest buying system you can use. All you need to do is copy the link from the merchant’s site, and paste it on the ezbuy link bar. The price will be automatically calculated in MYR. You can change the quantity, and preferred colour or size on the description box. Everything will be calculated in MYR, so there’s no need to stress on the conversion rate. Here’s the items which I have placed order. Ready to check out.

EZ Buy

Payment can be made using local bank account (e.g. CIMB, Maybank, Public Bank, RHB), and you no longer have to worry if you don’t have credit card or Paypal. Upon checking out, you are required to pay the total amount of the items ordered within 24 hours. This is a bit different from when you shop with Taobao where the shipping fee is estimated. As for orders from USA, you need to pay the total cost of the items first, which is excluding the shipping fee. Want cheaper shipping fee? Just key in code ‘ezfriend‘ upon check out to enjoy a 15% discount on shipping fee.

EZ Buy

As you can see from the screen capture above, my order total amount is MYR128.33. That’s the amount which I need to pay first. There’s no domestic shipping fee charged upon as the shipping within USA is usually free. The international shipping fee will only be calculated once all the items reached to ezbuy warehouse in USA.

EZ Buy

Worried about the shipping fee? Here’s a great deal from ezbuy. With Prime Membership, you can enjoy a flat rate of MYR 8.80 on shipping fee. Regardless of the total quantity, weight or size of the items you ordered, the total international shipping fee is MYR 8.80 net per checkout for Prime eligible items. You can find out more benefits of Prime membership here. Be sure to register for Prime Trial today because it is only limited to daily 1st 100 registered users – click here to register now.

What are you waiting for? Start shopping for your favourite make-up now because ezbuy has always provided some great deals for you to grab! Online Shopping Ease at ezbuy.my.

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