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Travel: Forget Selfie Stick. Get a Photographer from WanderZoom!

Have you ever considered yourself hiring a professional photographer to take photos during your vacation within your budget? Have you ever been on a vacation and returned home with disappointment because the photos you captured were blurry, or (even worse) missing from all of them? There’s a solution to your problem, and it has been a new trend nowadays! 


With the widespread use of social network sites, we are no longer reside our vacation photos in photo albums because most of us would share our adventures to other people who are connected via the Internet. Hiring a vacation photographer was once considered as luxury and only a few could afford to hire one. However, everything has changed nowadays as more vacation photographers can be hired via online, and you can even save up to 70%! In fact, most of these photographers are professional, and they would never let you end with a nightmare being cheated by so-called photographer who is only after for your money. WanderZoom

Introducing WanderZoom, where you can hire your own vacation photography to suit your needs – couples or family trips, or honeymoons! WanderZoom has a list of carefully chosen local photographers who will meet you at iconic destinations in most Asia-Pacific countries. You can now enjoy having your photos taken by photographers who possess their own experience, style, and passion. Furthermore, these local photographers who have inside knowledge of their location will guide you to the places with the most beautiful scenery. 


In short, WanderZoom connects photographers with clients instantly. Clients can choose to hire photographers based on price, ratings, and suitability. WanderZoom aims to revolutionise the way travellers capture their vacation memories and at the same time creating an extra income stream for photographers; providing a win-win situation for both client and provider.


Why You Should Hire Photographers from WanderZoom?

The best thing about WanderZoom lies on the payments security. The payments will not be released until the completion of the job and reviewed by the clients. WanderZoom requires the photographer to upload photos for them to verify that the photographer was present, and did his assignment. Clients will receive within seven (7) days of their vacation photo shoot, digital photos that will give them a lifetime of treasured memories. 


Apart from that, all local photographers are chosen and verified to deliver high quality photos and professional service. You no longer have to worry about the arrangement because WanderZoom will do everything for you, and ensure that you will have some fun with your photographers tagging along! You can always have a beautifully taken photos of you and your loved ones which you wanted to have them hanging on the wall of your home.  Check out the destinations covered by WanderZoom’s photographers here.


Your photographer will take plenty of shots with gorgeous cheap backdrops during your shoot but only the best ones are chosen and some editing, such as enhancing contrast, colour, shadow and saturation will be done. You can also ask the photographer to hunt down certain shots that you remember taking and you do not see it in the online gallery. Your friendly photographer will help to give you the best photos taken from your shoot! Find more about how WanderZoom works here.


WanderZoom is created based on the experience of the founder herself who faced the hardships of finding a personal vacation photographer when she was on vacation. Thus, WanderZoom is a hassle-free platform that connects travellers with local professional photographers for outdoor photo shoots during vacations. In fact, a famous Melbourne lifestyle blogger, Kim Leow, also engaged a photographer from WanderZoom during her travels in Japan. You can find her photos at Beside that, Malaysian bloggers such as kampungboycitygal, Isabella Wong, Charis Ow, and Seoul Wandering are also clients of WanderZoom


WanderZoom offer packages that will vary between destinations and photographers but will always cater to all budgets. Their standard packages are based on hours but the also offer custom sessions of longer lengths of time upon request. You can find more about their packages here.


Vacation photography made easy! Get USD10 off when you book a shoot with WanderZoom now!

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