The Unique Qualities of Berber Rugs

Berber Rug

In an era of industrialization, people may feel overwhelmed by things that are impersonal. Things can feel mechanical and scary. This is one of many reasons why people today are looking for items they can use in their home that are more about humanity and less about machines. They want to touch something that feels good in their hands. They also something that about love and suggest a soft touch, all while helping their home feel as if it has roots. One very special kind of rug can do just that. Berber rugs are rugs that are still made today very much as they have been made for centuries. Beni Ourain rugs are made by tribal peoples who are in touch with nature. The rug makers have chosen to make their homes in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. Like so many of their ancestors before them, they are all about a tradition that values the use of natural materials and adherence to a sense of excellence in craft.

Ancient Traditions

Here, ancient traditions come to life again. The sheep the tribesmen herd are known for the high quality of their wool. These are no pent-up animals kept in a factory farm. These are sheep that are nurtured just as their ancestors did. They are fed an all-natural diet and allowed to roam. Each animal is cherished as part of a tradition that has been creating Beni Ourain rugs for many years. Consequently, the wool the sheep grow is of a highly superior quality with thick fibers that produce a superior quality rug that will stand the test of time. These special sheep are kept in the Atlas Mountains and given the freedom to enjoy the local weather by keepers who love them. They carefully shear the sheep when necessary in order to help them keep cool in the crisp mountain air.

Part of a Heritage

Berber rugs like these are part of a long and honorable heritage. Today, buyers need not travel all the way to Africa to find the kind of rug they want. Instead, they can enjoy these rugs right in the store. All the rugs buyers find are rugs that are part of a unique cultural heritage that natives of Morocco take pride in showing off. The rugs they create from this superior wool are rugs that all buyers can use in their own homes. Each rug is thick and fluffy with a softness that many buyers find delightful. Just sitting on a rug of this type can call to mind the glorious mountains where they are made. A single rug is part of a heritage with classic designs and lines that bring this part of the world to life again. Many of the rugs have basic patterns that have been developed over centuries. Simple and subtle, the patterns are a form of art that can be used either on the floor or as part of a focal point in any room.

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