Thank You: A Note to These Special People

I’m the happiest woman in the world as I received birthday wishes from friends (and families) all over the world. Yes. Some of them are currently staying in other parts of the world. No birthday cake. No birthday party. I asked my family not to hold any parties until I reach my precious age 40. It’s a goal for me to accomplish because I still have 8 more years to go, and I’ve accomplished about 1/3 of my goals until now.

Age is merely a number – That’s another reason why I always forgot my actual age as I don’t put my age as my top priority. Age doesn’t define your maturity – This statement is quite arguable as it doesn’t apply to every situations especially when you talk this to your elders. Respect is the most appropriate thing to do even though the person doesn’t act like his/her age. What would you do if your own kids say this to you? Man, it’s hard to swallow. I believe age is like a business organization or a bottle of wine. You’ll get respected when you have more experience in life. While other people are busy counting their age as they grew old, I’m busy counting my blessings, and achievements as I hit certain targeted age. Yes. I’m looking forward to blow all 40 candles on my birthday cake. 8 more to go, and I need to work hard to achieve my goals. It’s part of my mission to bring honour to my family, anyway. Thank you for your unconditional support and care.

I want my 40th birthday cake full with candles. LOL!
I want my 40th birthday cake full with candles. LOL!

I still receive more birthday wishes from my families and friends, and I’ve vowed to myself that I’m going to reply all their wishes sent via SMS, Whatsapp, LINE, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. I want them to know that I’ve read their messages, and I feel blessed (and thankful) to be their friends. Once again, thank you for all the birthday wishes. May God shower you and your family with more blessings, happiness, good health, prosperity, and love. I’m listing down the people who have spent their time to send me beautiful birthday wishes. Thank you, dearies. I love you all.

  1. Marcia Lim Siew Chen
  2. John Tendahal
  3. Khafez Mudry @ Bob
  4. Febby Yong
  5. Amelia John Yagot
  6. Ricardo Unto @ Boy
  7. Jimmy Tan (Property Agent)
  8. Reene Sazreene
  9. Andy Mglimex
  10. D’e Faraa
  11. Jonathan Lim Kah Cheng
  12. Jackson Jibit
  13. John Alexier Melon Shaah
  14. Johson Michael John
  15. Karen Sim
  16. Ennie T. Rando
  17. Junaidi Juhari
  18. Clarence Clay
  19. Evazia James
  20. Vann Van
  21. Sheryl Yap (KL)
  22. Zoe Albertus @ Mamaii
  23. Mimie Zafiraa Darimbung
  24. Jathrow Sikul @ JJ
  25. Malcolm Macaire Janiur Lajamat
  26. Florence Yip Yen Yun
  27. Firdaus Wheelwright @ Bui
  28. Azi Zan
  29. Erwin D’ Kanju
  30. Carlston Nowell Justin Azun
  31. Abednigo Chow
  32. Donjuan Danial
  33. Billy Ciero
  34. Ivarnizrail Luttah
  35. Adilles Andrew
  36. Allen Max Ambrose Mudi @ Aye
  37. Kelvin Welfred
  38. Dan’s Saga Masabal
  39. Shirewin Owin Patrick
  40. Frederica Constantine Moiji
  41. Nencee John Liau
  42. Syahril Alel Hussien
  43. Dorothy Olin
  44. Jason Jeremy Bantoi
  45. Shida Hamid
  46. Qhristine Syl
  47. Genevevie Grace Felix Akiam
  48. Denis Gais
  49. Contesa Perez
  50. Bobby Idzhar
  51. Janet John
  52. Brendon Johnny Disim Ginal
  53. Clay Davis Jainal L
  54. Feazeline Ubud
  55. SabahCare Specialist Centre
  56. Paulina Lynn
  57. Glenda Dina Robert
  58. Rodney Boy Stephen
  59. Martina Minin
  60. Rita Ginduk
  61. Adrain Paumin
  62. Janette Jezreel Nyuk
  63. Samantha Gaban
  64. Leriek Jaafar Masuti
  65. Chok Lee Chu
  66. Jane Lajami
  67. Esther Grace Kongi
  68. Ramesh Salimun
  69. Catherine Katty Yusof
  70. Augustine Jumat
  71. Daniel Stifler
  72. Amy Angelo Asis
  73. Azmi Ahmad
  74. Gracy Robert
  75. Victoria J Ongkili
  76. Nyuk Phing
  77. Cynthia Maipe
  78. Nelda Sylvia Fiffy Jude
  79. Kennedy Victor Ongkili @ Uncle Kenn
  80. Douglas Henry @ Doug Pusakag
  81. Harry Raphael
  82. Roger Marc Faustine
  83. Daryl Thong
  84. Ronnie William @ Bambangan
  85. Sonly Tiu
  86. Marcel Gatisi
  87. Fenella Benggon
  88. Casey Jovial
  89. Nazeline Benggon
  90. Sidek Jubar
  91. Alvin J. Imbun
  92. Niah Nourel
  93. Nikie Diee
  94. Jevf Shen
  95. Sylvia Lanjuat
  96. Betita Teboju
  97. Blyton Benggon @ Dean
  98. Vivien Fidora Fred
  99. Adnan HS
  100. Bivient Verona Chua
  101. Safruddin Amiruddin
  102. Fiona Cassie Majilang
  103. Emily Joanna A Jr
  104. Erica Edwin Fernandez
  105. Belinda Kim
  106. Nelly Astana
  107. Serena Lanjuat
  108. Lutt Ng
  109. Sharlene Dani-Baranting
  110. Wilhelmina Mie Janing
  111. Shailey Thien
  112. Lily P Chin
  113. Juanis Lajamat
  114. Jonehtan Matheus
  115. Ffmyus Wyans
  116. Fredo Chelsea
  117. Jinieco Jico
  118. Ivee J Seng-Goh
  119. Michael Jengging
  120. May Poon
  121. Zuhaida Zain Rampas
  122. Tom Rungitom
  123. Cons Constantine Vitus
  124. Terry Motijol
  125. Aaron Tam
  126. Juanis Attau
  127. Suzy Ambrose Angkangon
  128. Joanna Joe
  129. Naomi (UMS MBA)
  130. Xavier Ambrose
  131. Atlas Besik Niyo
  132. Kay Kastum
  133. Nonie Mariana
  134. Fanny Merlyn Sakandar
  135. Jayne Jewelz Justin
  136. Harley Eyok
  137. Arthur Benggon
  138. Robin Simbaku
  139. Amy Jd Sebastian
  140. Barbara Arni
  141. Chervely June Benggon
  142. Jalius S. Benggon
  143. Josephine Anus
  144. Ann Benggon
  145. Leslie Isaac Kok
  146. Jahiah Simbaku
  147. Stephanie J Ginsapu
  148. Mohd Zamlo Zain Rampas
  149. Adelina Deidra Janiur Lajamat
  150. Valarie OW
  151. Betty Duis
  152. Martha Kyle
  153. Roswanti Lahading
  154. Dora Desmond Conolius
  155. Rishka Saimon (AY)
  156. Charles Bandara (AY)
  157. Darlane Kartini (AY)
  158. Herman Sanny (AY)
  159. Jacqueline Vincent Baya
  160. Mimi Leyana Matimbun
  161. Shirley Simon
  162. Azwan Razlan
  163. Peter R Bombon
  164. Daniel Hero
  165. Sufri Hasan
  166. Jasmine Andrew
  167. Noverry JS Benggon
  168. Sandra Beti M
  169. Mark D Mojitoh
  170. Khai Puma Jamal @ PomPom
  171. Solius Ingrid
  172. Marilyn Cindy John Mikat
  173. Noemi Dingle
  174. Kimberly Vung
  175. Krescellia Jelson
  176. Veronica
  177. DJ Selina Light
  178. Cheryl Celeste Benggon
  179. Ridah A. Malanjang
  180. My Family, Kids & Hubby

Here’s the list of names which I managed to find, and replied all of them. Thank you very much for the birthday wishes. I just wanted you to know that I’m blessed and very grateful to have you in my life. You’ve been a great friend to me, and I pray that God will shower you with more blessings in your life. I believe that blessings won’t cease when I share blessings to others. Thank you for everything. I love you. God bless.

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