Dayve Rampas
Dayve Rampas

Ted Baker’s Floral Printed Dress

We were watching E! when suddenly my hubby asked if I would like to go to the Church this Sabbath. I was so glad that he finally raised that ‘Sabbath’ issue, and remind me to go to the Church. I haven’t been to the Church for months, and I’m so happy that he’s willing to accompany. Thank you so much, dear. Hubby then asked me if I have a new dress to be worn (as he always see me wearing the same dresses to work).
“Let’s get a new dress for you. No more mustard or pink dresses. My eyes can’t bear to look at those colors anymore.” 

He dragged me to my favourite boutique in 1Borneo Hypermall, and after a few minutes browsing a few dresses, he grabbed this piece and paid for me. So sweet of you, dear.
Yes. I wore this last Sabbath, and pair it with my black pump.
…And I later found out that this is an inspired Ted Baker’s dress worn by Hannah Simone.

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