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Style: 10 Vintage Dresses That You Need In Your Collection

Vintage clothing style has never been considered as outdated. Personally, I absolutely adore those who can style in their vintage dresses without even looking as if they are wearing their grandma’s dress or parading in a costume-look. Without further adieu, here are some 10 vintage dresses that you need...

VLOG: Inspired Make-Up Look – Audrey Hepburn

Most of us would surely agree that Audrey Hepburn has the classic look which never fade. She was a beauty icon which we love to follow, she was a trendsetter. So, I managed to do an inspired make-up look of Audrey Hepburn using the products from my make-up box....

Shopping: Get Bless Studio Has Your Marilyn Monroe’s Dresses!

I’ve always love vintage fashion as it’s so classic. Being a fan of some classic Hollywood celebrities has turned me into a vintage lover. I must say my aunt (and mom) are the reason I couldn’t resist ‘flooding’ my wardrobe with vintage dresses! Frankly speaking, I still have my...