Bath & Body Works MAD ABOUT YOU Fine Fragrance Mist

Review: Bath & Body Works Mad About You Fine Fragrance Mist (Retired Scent)

My favourite place to buy fragrance mist has always been Bath & Body Works which is in IMAGO Sabah. Bath & Body Works has a wide selection of fragrances at affordable prices. Since I was running out of my body mists, I have decided to get them in bulk. This time I decided to try their other signature collection, and one of them is Mad About You. Besides, I found out that all their signature collection (including my favourite scent) will no longer be produced, in other words, retired from the shelf. Diorang tinggal kasi habis stok jualan lagi tu.

EZ Buy

‘Tricks’ To Get Your Favourite Beauty Products from USA with ezbuy

Online shopping has never been this easy especially when you have the power to shop internationally without even have to worry using credit card, Paypal, or even the delivery address. There’s a service which you can now enjoy, and you can even save more when shopping with them. I have been shopping internationally, and this one place is my favourite place to shop because it offers lots of things which are hard to find locally.

Let Me Get My Girly Shit: My Favourite Quilt Projects

Let Me Get My Girly Shit: My Favourite Quilt Projects

With Christmas is almost around the corner, it would be nice to spend some cosy time with family and loved ones. Here’s my favourite quilt projects which I would love to share with you. Click on the photo if you would love to have more details on the quilt kit. I’ve ordered mine, and cannot wait to have it reach me! Oh yes! I can hardly wait for Christmas this year! XD