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Dayve Rampas

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Trend: These Awesome Coffee Mugs Would Boost Your Mood

I make myself a cup of coffee every morning because the first cup of coffee is the only motivation that can get us out of bed. However, your morning cuppa would definitely tastes better in a personalised mug. A brew-tiful mug can always give you a morning boost whether...

5 Celebrity-Inspired Fashion Accessories You Can Buy on a Budget

You love to see with what your favourite celebrities are wearing but you’re on tight budget? Fret not! You can always get these celebrity-inspired accessories to rock your wardrobe this season! Here’s my top five (5) celebrity-inspired fashion accessories you can buy without having to break your money on...

Steal-That-Look: Kate Middleton

So, you love Kate Middleton? I always admire her outfits (she knows what’s best for her). I bet you might be looking around to steal her look, too! Here are some of the inspired dresses which you can get from some available online boutiques. Grab it fast or you...