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Beauty: Benefits of Fresh Milk Cream

Beautiful and clean skin is what every one of us would like to have, particularly women. Many people can afford to do skin care treatment even if they have to spend big amount of money just to improve their skin condition. Some would learn skin care tutorial from the...

Review: The Face Shop White Jewel Peeling

Removing dead skin cells has been one of my beauty skincare regimen which I usually do twice to thrice a week. Not only it gives the skin a new skin layer but also ensure that I can look younger as well as have a bright and healthy skin. Taking care...

Beauty: My Top 5 Most Favourite Facial Mists for 2015

Welcome, December! A few more weeks to go before Christmas, and New Year. Yay! Anyway, today is my appointment with my skin therapist, and we discussed about facial mist which definitely contribute to a dewy glow looking skin. There are many facial mists available in the market nowadays, and...