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Dayve Rampas

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Book: Vegas Billionaire Series – Chained to You​ by Alexia Praks

I have always love reading and I don’t mind spending the whole day curling myself with a good book. In fact, I’m lucky enough that my hubby doesn’t care when I just spend time reading book because he thought I need my personal space. He actually ‘detest’ me from...

Book: Melissa Foster – Taken By Love

I usually read my books and never share anything to hubby about them especially the romance stories. Sometimes, he asked me what I’m reading but I just said, “It’s a love story.” I recently finished reading Melissa Foster’s book, and I really enjoyed reading it because it’s very refreshing, and entertaining. Taken by...

Book: Loving Lauren by Jill Sanders

My Goodreads friend has recently recommends me to read a chick-lit book after she thought I’ve been reading too much ‘serious’ issues, and she found out that I’m still behind my target (Yeah, we do have reading challenge on Goodreads). So, I went to Smashwords to download some of...