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Info: Alabama Woman Gives Birth To Sextuplets!

Whenever you hear of 6 babies being born at once, the first thing that comes to mind is how expensive it is to care for 6 babies, and how anyone can even cope with 6 babies- let alone 3 other siblings! But what a huge blessing otherwise. That and...

Mommy: Pregnancy Story 1

I have a few friends who are trying to get a lean body after they saw my fitness progress. Most of them are very surprised to know that I have a kid. Some of them asked me what types of workout that suit them especially when trying to get...

5 Things I Hate Being Pregnant

Photo by Schwangerschaft Pregnancy is beautiful, and can be full of excitement. However, it can be irritating (sometimes…). Small to Large I always remind myself not to think about Kim K’s baby bump as I always get goosebumps whenever I see her baby bump photos over the Internet. I...