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Book: Vegas Billionaire Series – Chained to You​ by Alexia Praks

I have always love reading and I don’t mind spending the whole day curling myself with a good book. In fact, I’m lucky enough that my hubby doesn’t care when I just spend time reading book because he thought I need my personal space. He actually ‘detest’ me from...

Movie: Emma (1996)

What would you do if your old family friend is deeply love with you, and he’s ready to settle down with you? Emma is one of my favourite movies of all the time because it’s based on my favourite author Jane Austen’s 1815 novel Emma. In fact, I always loved the balance in...

Review: Portia Moore’s If I Break Trilogy [BOOK]

I love reading novel sometimes, only after I’ve done with reading some ‘reality’ books because too much reading fictions would turn us into a bunch of people with unrealistic goal. Well, for example, you’re looking for somebody who’s perfect (handsome, romantic, and rich). Anyway, since I joined Goodreads’ book...