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Local: MUAH Studio Academy has its New Premise at 333 Plaza

I went to attend MUAH Studio Academy to show my support to my former make-up academy in which I earned my Professional Diploma in Makeup Artistry a few years ago. MUAH Studio Academy has never failed to produce certified and talented Make-Up Artists in Sabah (and Sarawak), and I’m proud...

Local: MUAH Studio Academy (Sabah)

Some of my clients and friends asked me where I learnt to do make-ups and hairstyling. It’s a long story but just to make long story short, I was a make-up and beauty junkie because I was so in love with the Japanese Gyaru (ギャル) back then. Basically, theGyaru makeup is...

New Year, New Surprises

Sorry for the long hiatus. I’ve been busy these days as I’ve just gave birth to a cute baby last December (a few days before Christmas!). It was really tiring with the new arrival in the family. I feel blessed (though me and my hubby were tired) having them...