Natio Young Oil Control Toning Lotion

Review: Natio Young Oil Control Toning Lotion

Most of us would skip skin toning routine because we assume that it’s similar to cleanser. Basically, toners are meant to be used shortly after we cleansed our face either using a bar soap or cleanser. However, these cleansers tend to raise the skin’s natural pH to a level that it’s viewed as harmful for skin. Although there are more gentle, and water-soluble cleansers available in the market, the skin’s pH still needs a range of ingredients that restore and repair the surface. In short, toner can give the skin with healthy, fresher, and smoother look after cleansing.

Natio Young Oil Free Moisturiser

Review: Natio Young Oil Free Moisturiser

There are a few products which I love to use especially when I’m having breakouts from product testing (and menstrual, of course). Since I have a quite sensitive combination skin, thus, it’s important for me to carefully choose products that would not worsen my breakouts. Natio is one of my (and Mr. Hubby, too) favourite products. Natio is another Australian cruelty-free product with 100% pure essential oils and plant extracts.