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Dayve Rampas

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Apps: Dear Diary

Remember those days when we keep ourselves a private diary? Anyway, I’m gonna write about this ‘Dear Diary’ game which I downloaded it a few days ago as I was looking for a simple diary for myself. ‘Dear Diary’ is actually a game in which I guess suits for teenagers....

Apps: FoodEagle – Your ‘Tinder’ for Foods

What would you do when your girlfriend or spouse let you choose a place to dine? In fact, most women would let their boyfriend or spouse to choose a nice place to dine in. It’s rare to find a woman who would tell you the place where you both...

Apps: 5 Basic Shopping Apps To Download Now

Nowadays, there are tons of online shopping available on the Internet, and this good news could be a heaven for people who love to do their shopping online. We couldn’t let go off our phone as good things are inside the phone (even stuff for you to chat with...