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Local: Why #SupportLocal #SapotLokal Is Worth Every Ringgit

Most of these business owners work harder to make the business a success, and they want to offer their customers the best experience possible for a word-of-mouth and repeat orders. Handmade is ‘one-of-a-kind’ and it is always guaranteed to be a one-off. I love how they personalised the design...

Local: Catch Your Dreams with Lidtz’s Dreamcatcher

Dreamcatcher is a handmade craft consists of a round hoop which is woven with a loose web of yarn and decorated with beads and feathers hanging below the hoop. The dreamcatcher is an ancient Chippewa tradition that has been passed down for many generations. The dreamcatcher is hung above the beds of...

Shopping: Personalised Trinkets by Crafted By Mei

I love wearing handmade accessories so much because it always has its own value and characteristics. In fact, there’s a place where I love to have my accessories to be custom-made. And, if you’re still looking for something special to be given on Valentine’s Day, then you might have...