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Latest: Have MOREFUN with Boost in Sabah!

Boost and MOREFUN partner to drive local experiences at Kota Kinabalu! Boost, homegrown e-wallet app has joined forces with Sabah-based travel information and lifestyle platform, MOREFUN to offer a cashless payment option to their users. As a lifestyle platform exclusive to Sabah, MOREFUN has over 70,000 users and a...

Is Seremban a Good Place To Be Called Home?

You have reached the age where you want to buy a house on your own. Whether to start a family or for own stay, there are so many houses available for sale recently, such as house for sale in Seremban. Are you currently looking for a place to buy...

Review: GALADO 49101-UX201 Earphone

A pair of earphones is the most common sight around Kota Kinabalu right now. In fact, I usually notice that women seem to use them most heavily, whether they are students or working people. Most people use earphones because they are typically much cheaper than headphones, lighter, and less...