Sudio NIO

Dayve’s Favourite: Sudio NIO Wireless Earbuds

It’s 2021, guys! We just need to say goodbye to those troublesome moments of untangling the cable of our earphones. I have decided to get myself a Sudio NIO since I need to get a very convenience gadget so I don’t have to end up with a broken iPhone or Macbook later. To be frank, I was not eager to get a wireless earphone since I feel much comfortable with my wired earphone – the thought that I long held that bluetooth only drained my phone battery faster. That when until I broke my iPhone X when I was doing my workout just a month ago.

GALADO 49101-UX201 Earphone

Review: GALADO 49101-UX201 Earphone

A pair of earphones is the most common sight around Kota Kinabalu right now. In fact, I usually notice that women seem to use them most heavily, whether they are students or working people. Most people use earphones because they are typically much cheaper than headphones, lighter, and less bulky. Besides, they don’t simply affect your hairstyle, or when wearing glasses and earrings. They are quite portable and stylish, too! 

Tech: iRiver Blank Sound Angle Bluetooth Earphone BES-S50

Finding a suitable earphone can be quite hassle especially if you’re looking for wireless that is suitable to be worn when you’re running, or doing your workout in the gym. I recently got myself an wireless earphone from my brother who bought it from Korea, and it has been one of my favourite gadget which I would bring along whenever I do my routine workout.