Dayve Watched: Asako I & II (寝ても覚めても)

Dayve Watched: Asako I & II (寝ても覚めても)

Love can be complicated especially when you’re still haunted by your first love, and having such gratitude to a person does not mean you are in love with that person. I recently watched a Japanese movie, quite a provoking one especially when the female protagonist was still in love with her first love. Asako I & II (寝ても覚めてもNetemo Sametemo, “At All Hours”) was released in 2018, and won Best Film in Yokohama Film Festival 2019.

Steal That Look: Wei Wei’s #OOTD from Love O2O <>

Have you watched Love o2o (微微一笑很倾城) yet? It’s a Chinese romance drama based on a famous novel by Gu Man (顾漫) . The story is about how people met and fell in love while they were playing online game. They fell in love in cyberspace when playing online RPG (role-playing game) which involved finding a partner from opposite sex, and they got themselves married (in the game). Anyway, today’s post is not about the drama, but what I love to share with you is the outfits which Wei Wei (Starred by Zheng Shuang [郑爽]) wore in this drama. Well, that excludes the ancient Chinese costumes.


Review: Goodshows (Apps)

If you’re familiar with Goodreads, you will know how Goodshows operates, too! Goodshows is similar to Goodreads where you can make a list what movies or dramas you wanted to watch as well as mark and review movies or dramas which you’ve watched. It’s something like Foursquare where you ‘check-in’ the things that you have done.