Shopping: Thinking to send a gift? Think Giftr – Gifting Made Easy in Malaysia!

You don’t have to wait until some ‘special dates’ just to surprise your friend or partner, for Christ’s sake. You can always show them how much you care, and they are special. It does not need to be expensive treat, you just need to put some effort into it and the best way to do that is to make a gift that will mean a lot to them. All you need to do is to imagine the feeling when you receive a gift (or a bouquet of roses) at an expected time, it does give you that unknown joy, isn’t it? Thinking to send a surprise gift?


Where To Buy: Home-Cooked Meals at Foooqy

Craving for home-cooked Mee Rebus or Ayam Rendang after seeing all the delicious food posted on Facebook, and Instagram? Are you wishing that you can simply download the foods because you are too lazy to get yourself trapped in the traffic jams? Fret not! Now, there’s a place where you can find home-cooked meals without having to get out from your place. Read more if you’re wondering how you can simply have the foods that you’re craving for without crawling out from your nest.