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Where To Go: Yit Foh Coffee Factory (Tenom, Sabah)

It was a hectic month that I decided to take a break, and travel to Keningau just to meet my friend there. We went to Tenom just to visit Yit Foh Coffee Factory. Let’s assume that we were just buang tabiat. Just the two of us, who happened to be looking...

Review: Sabah Durian White Coffee

I was at my parent’s home just now because the traffic jam was so bad. Tired and hungry, I head to the dining room where I saw Mum was sipping a cup of hot Milo while watching her favourite channel – CNN. Trust me. Her all-time favourite channels are AFC and...

Deal: Brew Restaurant Worthy Coffee in the Comfort of Your Own Home

Brewing great coffee isn’t as hard as you may think. Try these things to make some aromatic coffee. “Zaire” Congo Kivu Bord Loc Estate Coffee Buy your own fresh coffee beans. This is the most important part. Fresh – “Zaire” Congo Kivu Bord Loc Estate Coffee, Fresh Roasted Coffee...