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Beauty: Fleuri Clear Gel Cleanse Removes Impurities Without Stripping Skin

Ever heard of Fleuri Clear Gel Cleanse? It is another great innovation by a Japanese company which has garnered accreditation from the Japan Medical Association as effective facial cleanser to clean the pores. In it undeniably that most of us would really want to achieve a flawless skin even...

Pure Stainless Beautiful Skin with Swissvita Micrite 3D All Use Cleanser Cream

Would you like to have a non-greasy, paraben-free, fragrance-free, alcohol-free, and water-based facial cleanser that is also safe for all skin types? Today’s post is about a cleanser that comes from a squeezable aluminium tube that has abundant AC-11, and B12 as part of the ingredients that works by...

Review: CNP Laboratory Cleansing Perfecta

My cousin, Natasha Aprillia, asked me a few days ago about the best make-up remover because she couldn’t bear going through all the steps to remove make-up especially heavy concealer and foundation painted on the face. Natasha is a model who represented Sabah for Miss Malaysia-World 2015. She would...