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How-To: Style Like Emma Thompson

Emma Thompson (Greg Wise’s wife) is one of the well-known British actress and screenwriter who is noted for her sophisticared and witty performance has always portrays enigmatic and matronly characters in period dramas and literary adaptations. She recently starred in Last Christmas (2019), and we will be able to...

Steal That Look: Kendall Jenner

Are you a fan of Kendall Jenner or you love her because of what she wears everyday? These are some of the looks which you can steal. I do love Kendall, and what she woreย when in public. Her outfits are always practical to be worn, anyway. I’ve also list...

5 Celebrity-Inspired Fashion Accessories You Can Buy on a Budget

You love to see with what your favourite celebrities are wearing but you’re on tight budget? Fret not! You can always get these celebrity-inspired accessories to rock your wardrobe this season! Here’s my top five (5) celebrity-inspired fashion accessories you can buy without having to break your money on...