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Beauty: Label Young Shocking Toner Heart Break

Label Young Shocking Toner Heart Break replenishes moisture to keep the skin dewy and soft with its uniquely lightweight formula. It is a dual-functioning product that consist of both whitening, and anti-wrinkle effects. You can easily experience a very refreshing sensation as it penetrates deeply and heightens the effectiveness...

Beauty: Label Young Shocking Toner Special Love

If you are experiencing dry and dull skin, this moisturer would be a great replenishing toner that restores skin balance as it rejuvenates environmentally stressed skin. This all-in-1 toner with skin + essence + lotion in one bottle is rich in moisture and moisture shield providing vital glowing skin...

Review: SNP Amazing CC Cream 40gm

I received my SNP Color Capsule (CC) Cream about 2 weeks ago, and I had not blogged about it. I promised BeUShop Malaysia that I’m going to blog about their CC Cream once I received them. First and foremost, I would love to thank BeUShop for the gift. I...