Is Seremban a Good Place To Be Called Home?

You have reached the age where you want to buy a house on your own. Whether to start a family or for own stay, there are so many houses available for sale recently, such as house for sale in Seremban. Are you currently looking for a place to buy a property? With so many houses available on the market right now, it can be difficult to make a decision on which area to buy a house. This article will guide you through the reasons why Seremban is a good place to be called home.

YUBISO Light & Flawless CC Cream

Beauty on Budget: YUBISO Light & Flawless Pure Nude CC Cream

I recently went into YUBISO in IMAGO Shopping Mall, Kota Kinabalu, as I was looking for cute stuff. However, when I went to their beauty section, I noticed that they have tons of budget make-ups which are sold within the range of RM5 – RM30. Pretty affordable but are they worth buying for? I was skeptical about the quality. Tempted to try their beauty product, I finally bought YUBISO Light & Flawless CC Cream. Today’s post is all about what I think about this budget CC Cream, and what I like and don’t like about this product. You might want to read because there’s no reviews written about this CC Cream yet, as on the time of this post is written.


Travel: Forget Selfie Stick. Get a Photographer from WanderZoom!

Have you ever considered yourself hiring a professional photographer to take photos during your vacation within your budget? Have you ever been on a vacation and returned home with disappointment because the photos you captured were blurry, or (even worse) missing from all of them? There’s a solution to your problem, and it has been a new trend nowadays!